Costume :Oerba Dia Vanille
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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zee wig i wanna get :D

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I was on and off about doing this onee... becauseee of the detail involved... and the flashing of the stomach primarilyyy ... buttt seen as i've gave up caringgg abouttt flashing my stomach... there was only really the detail stopping meee.

so i agreed to do Lighning for my cosplay group... because i won't admittt i wanna do somethin till i've made my mind up , so Lightning seemed like a safer option at the timee, so i didn't have to rope myself to a cosplay i was unsure of.

soooo it reallly wasn't hard for me to decide to cosplay her when Liam_ Xlr8r mentioned thattt he thought i shud still cosplay her, seen as i was going to in my previous cosplay group!

so yeah... again i'm doing stupidly detailed cosplays ... so hopefully i'll fit some simple ones in when i start this so i can have a breather from lots of detail lol!

So yeahhhhhhhh... thisss shalll beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dedicated or whatever u call it to Liam_Xlr8r forr unknowingly helping me make my mind up about this :D Which meannnssssssssssssssssss a lottt coming from someone who doesn't do dedications! :P


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yay!! i feel special ;P and ive said i will help with her weapon or any sewing you need doing lol ;P xx

by Phoenix Xlr8r on Wednesday, 7 September, 2011 - 01:13
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So you should lool. Haha i knowsss... thankkooo my lovelyyyy :) I should be good with the sewing thoughhhhhh... i'm getting ratherr okay with it now :D xx

by xxlilmisssakuraxx on Wednesday, 7 September, 2011 - 13:40
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:O YOU SPELT MY NAME WRONG!!! HOW COULD YOU HAVE SPELT MY NAME WRONG!!!!!!!! but no worries about me helping i said i would help anyway i could ;P xx

by Phoenix Xlr8r on Thursday, 8 September, 2011 - 00:42
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i did? Sowwwii!!!! I was verryy tireddd when i wrote/ checked it... :( i feel terrible nowww :( ... n i knowwsss , and i do appreciate it :) xx

by xxlilmisssakuraxx on Thursday, 8 September, 2011 - 13:06

Shopping List

dark green paint£1.00Bought
dark brown paint£1.00Bought
Red paint£0.99Bought
Pink material £3.75To Buy
Fur for pelt £19.08To Buy
Beige paint £2.00To Buy
Beige leatherette £7.95To Buy
yellow material £8.25To Buy
Craft foam £4.98To Buy
Silver clip on hoop earings£7.05To Buy
Beige canvas belt£4.09To Buy
clear casting Resin£7.50To Buy
Fimo - 2x 56g£3.98To Buy
Wig £26.33To Buy
Brown stringing material£1.99To Buy
Tapered beads£1.99To Buy
Rice beads£1.88To Buy
Main beads£8.50To Buy
Blue paint£1.00To Buy
Aqua paint£1.00To Buy
Yellow paint£1.00To Buy
Orange paint£1.00To Buy
dye for skirt£0.00To Buy


Research/ a plan of sorts! (Posted 6th September 2011)

Well if i'm gonna do this i might as well try and do a pretty Damn good job of it, seen as there have been soooo many fantastic Vanille cosplayers - all of which are motivating me to really push on getting all the little details right. So i've spent quite a while looking about on ebay etc for all the different shaped beads i'm going to need...

I saw on one particularly brilliant Vanille cosplay that the cosplayer had used over 600 beads... and that was when it was still in progress... so i've been looking about everywhere for deals on beads in bulk... i found a rather decent deal for the main beads... which i'm buying all white/cream and painting so i can get the right colours ( i may regret this lots! ) and they were 200 for 1.50 ... with a 1 pound shipping cost... so if i buy 5 lots like i want to i mighhttt get a little discount on the shipping ( I hope :P ) and it won't matter too much if i've got loads left over, because no doubt some of my other cosplays will require some small flat yet circular beads like Vanilles main ones.
Then i found a pack of 690 'rice' shaped beads for £1.88 , which would be perfect for the coloured longer beads that are incorporated into the dangling sections that are seen on the strip of beads just below her top and by/ on her skirt area.

AND then! I found a pack of 20 tapered beads... which i'm gonna need the odd few of, in places like just below the wooden peice thing that rests on her chest, for 99p... and £1 postage on top.

so i've mooched at most the bead's i'm going to need... when it comes to the red ones that are seen alon the beading that goes down her chest and stomach i think i'm going to use either a peice of material or stong tape that won't peel off ( and i can paint) to attatch two/ several normal beads, so that it gives the appearance of the two( or is it 3) holed beads that are found on there...:)

I've found a wig i really like too... which i'll add as the journal picture or in my references bit ... which is a bit more expensive than what i usually get... ( damn postage) but i think it looks like a really good colour/ style/ shade resembalance to Vanilles hair... so i'm very much contemplating on getting that when i can afford it!

I'm going to have to have a very extensive search around Leicester not long after i've moved, so that i can find a decent place/ places to buy my material from, seen as i can't afford to get any before i move.

So i'll be on the look out for that the end of september onwards.

I've come to the conclusion i'm going to need to buy/ mix 6 different colours of paint for the beads, White, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Orange and red, what fun!

I've found some brown stringing material... but its a bit pale... but if i paint it darker it should work ... to use for all the beading :P So i'm gonna need some dark brown paint for that :)

Because i'm literally just sitting here in the dark examining Vanille reference pictures i've come to the conclusion that, according to my lovely reference picture, Vanille has 12 bangles of varying colours and one thicker wristband on her left wrist...and presumably the same on her right wrist, but i can't be sure at the moment lol... but i'm going to check that because my one reference pictures trying to lie to me n confuse me by only having two rows of beading down her chest/ stomach :|

I'm going to look at getting a canvas belt in the right colour for her belt... to give it the textured appearance that my pictures show me... n use the stiffener stuff thts used for collars to get it like her belt... n take the buckle off of course.
I'm going to use fimo for the silver parts of her gem things... and i'm gonna look into resin castin for the blue gems.
I'm going to go with good old craft foam for the silvery/ metal peices on the belt i think... because i've never delt with a whole lotta stuff i'm gonna use for this... so i might as well stick with something i have for some bits lool :D

the back peice - the beige thing ( no good with names) is gonna be done using crafty foam... n i'll try n etch the lines in or something lol

Laim_Xlr8r is going to help me do the chest peice and the fangs because hes tooo good to mee looool .

i'm going to attempt to dye the material for the skirt, and make the bags/ satchels...
i'll probably either do boot covers or edit some boots for her footwear, depending on what works better... i might try both lol.

For the earings i'm going to look into clip on ones... because i haven't got my ears peirced... no likey needles lol.

For the necklaces i'm going to stitch thin tubes of the correct colour brown material, then turn the tubes inside out so the seams are on the inside... n using wiring and stuffing/ padding ensure they retain they're shape... then add the patterns over the top with glue/ paint to give it a slightly layered effect like it appears to be... and use necklace clip things to attatch them round my neck... and the craft foam peice thing should hide the clippy bits if i'm lucky ... if not they shouldn't be too noticable!

The weapons going to be made by Liam_ xlr8r with me as his 'glamourous assistant' because i suck at doing weapons... and hess sooooo much betterrr at stuff like that loool :P

hah hes a star for putting up with mee, seen as i've been pestering him for his opinions on every single part of my verry detailed plan :D

Thinking about it... anyone whos managed to sit and read all this waffly plan of mine...

oh and

Isn't the wig purty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!