Costume :Mikuo Hatsune and Rin Kagamine
Variant :Magnet
Source :Vocaloid2
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2012

Costume Photos

head phones 4

headsphones 3

head phones 2

Heads phones 1


Costume Information

Cost : We dont know
Awards : Joy
Time Taken : 3 hours

We decied to make this cosplay because it is quite to do. Chi-san hair is blonde so she basicly is Rin XD And I have a wig that is blue so I am basicly Mikuo. We are gonna wear them to the midlands expo or maybe for halloween if we get them done by then.

I dont mind going as mikuo even though I am a girl it will be fine :)


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To-Do List

Mikuo wigHighComplete
Mikuo outfitHighIn Progress
Mikuo headphonesHighIn Progress
Rin HeadphonesHighIn Progress
Rin outfitHighPlanned
make upLowPlanned


Hello XD (Posted 6th September 2011)

Me and Chi got togther twice and did more of the headphones,We will try to get more photos of Rins headphones since the only ones you can see are Mikuos.