Costume :Washu Hakubi
Source :Tenchi Muyo!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Little Washu

Been eating those carrots again?!

I'm with Kiyone on this one..

Tenchi Roundup 2012

Masaki Shrine

Everybody loves Tenchi

95% done!!




Costume Information

Cost : £92
Time Taken : 2 Weeks

Worn at SunnyCon 2012 and KitaCon 4 2012!

I've wanted to cosplay from Tenchi since like 2003.. and with a potential Tenchi group for KitaCon it needed to happen at long last *A*

This costume was so much fun to make and wear, with all of those clashing colours and bad cuts haha! It's so 90s but I love it. The wig was difficult since I'm awful with wig styling, and it was a big dye job, but I think it turned out relatively natural-looking (considering it's an obscene hot pink..)


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by Bambi. on Thursday, 1 September, 2011 - 18:15
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Cant wait for this <3333 You'll make an adorable Washu you mussttttt make those puppets xD
Im the same with a VERY delayed Tenchi cosplay xD

by Solaria on Thursday, 1 September, 2011 - 18:18
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YESSS! Washu is love!

by tripletriad on Friday, 16 September, 2011 - 22:36
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Great addition to the group! :D
Can't wait to see this!

by NakedSalad on Thursday, 6 October, 2011 - 21:24
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I think that wig will be lovely :D
Cannot wait to cosplay with you again~

by Solaria on Monday, 24 October, 2011 - 20:40
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Awesome. Looking forward to seeing this and the group.

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 20 November, 2011 - 01:06
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omg this is so cool

by otakugirl on Sunday, 5 February, 2012 - 20:12
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omg lil Washu!

Wish I was at Kita to see this ;-; she is my fave Tenchi character


by Berserk667 on Tuesday, 7 February, 2012 - 04:02
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Oh yes please join us at Ame :D I wont be getting til Kita til later in the day so Im giving Ayeka a miss
Itd be great to get another group With Emi as Sasami for Ame :D so yes please <3 Cant wait to see your Washu <3

by Solaria on Friday, 17 February, 2012 - 13:42
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Looks amazing so far!
Can't wait to see it finished at Kita!

by Emzone on Tuesday, 6 March, 2012 - 21:20
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That is the most amazing Washu wig I had ever seen in my life.

by street-angel on Friday, 9 March, 2012 - 18:52
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Ahhh thanks guys <33 I hope I do her justice!

by Exelia on Friday, 9 March, 2012 - 22:51
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Your progress. <3
LOVE seeing it come together.
So excited to get photos with you! :D

by NakedSalad on Saturday, 10 March, 2012 - 19:12
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Amazing progress! I really can't wait to see the finished group!

by kitty_sama on Sunday, 11 March, 2012 - 20:04
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hfcjsfk;sdihjferhjfeo YES! YES! I can't wait for this! :D

by Bambi. on Thursday, 15 March, 2012 - 18:33
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Looks amazing so far :3 .... dat wig !!! So want to cosplay sasami now... D:

by Myu on Thursday, 15 March, 2012 - 18:43
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oh wow!!! lovely! <3

by Lozzie on Thursday, 15 March, 2012 - 20:59
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progress is looking awsome

by nanahara on Saturday, 17 March, 2012 - 18:48
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Excuse me whilst i scrape my jaw off the floor! This is amazing! cant wait til its finished and pics put up =)

by HatsuneHawke on Friday, 23 March, 2012 - 21:34
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So muchhhhhhh love that wig is amazing i love the volume and the colours for your costume *3* Little Washu!

by Solaria on Wednesday, 28 March, 2012 - 17:40
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You were adorable! :D Was great to meet you Washu chan!

by Bambi. on Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 - 21:20
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Amazing Washu! =D

by Numta on Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 - 21:38
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Yay! For Tenchi. Brilliant Washu.

by Sephirayne on Friday, 30 November, 2012 - 03:53

Shopping List

Fabric & Thread for Blouse£10.00Bought
Yellow Tights£5.00Bought
FW Dye for Wig£5.25Bought
Fabric & Thread for Shorts£10.80Bought
Fabric & Thread for Hair Tie£5.00Bought
Rubbing Alcohol for Dye£5.20Bought


Ryo-Ohki! (Posted 30th March 2012)

So, even if I don't have time to make Washu A&B for KitaCon.. I need a mascot of some sort..

Aha! Ryo-Ohki! <3

I dug out my old Ryo-Ohki backpack a while ago and it'll be perfect to carry around (and keep my stuff in)! There's zippers in her back and ears and I'm going to remove the straps to make her look more like a plushie than a backpack in photos.

I've had this thing since I was 11 and used it pretty much daily! Poor little thing's eyes had practically rubbed off and it's tail came off years ago, so I fixed her up, gave her a wash and she's looking fine again (especially for her age, haha)

I always wanted the Ken-Ohki as well but never got him :'< so it'll be just little Ryo this time!

95% Complete (Posted 26th March 2012)

So, I did a test wear of Washu at SunnyCon and despite the event being.. basic.. it was a really good way to see what needs fixing before KitaCon when I wear this properly for the group!

I got a few quick photos thanks to Shido just outside the venue to try it out and show off the last few details. I made the cream shirt with the gathered collar and sleeves and attached the orange triangle pieces to the finished navy top, too. Also shows off the hair tie! <3

A few small things were missing (bows on shoes, poppers/hook and bars, some small details) and I want to try and fix up the front of the wig to make it slightly more accurate as well. I think it's a nice start, but if I can make it better I will do! A lot of it was safety pinned to save time, but that'll be fixed for KitaCon, obviously.

Otherwise, it's super comfy to wear so far, the only complaints were the wig which was a tad heavy and the shorts were a teeny bit tight but oh well :P sacrifices have to be made I suppose!

Almost There.... (Posted 24th March 2012)

Everything's nearly done!! Aside from little handsewing jobs like the bows on her shoes, gem on her collar and poppers and such, the main costume is done!!

I finished the navy top and cream shirt today; both made from scratch and no real patterning, but good for first attempts! ^^; they fit comfortably and look accurate so fingers crossed it'll look good altogether~

Plans fell through last minute for promoting at SunnyCon with Utena, so seeing as I'm going -anyway- I'm going to test wear Washu instead. Hopefully I'll get some photos tomorrow to show it all together!

It'll probably be handy to know what needs editing or tweaking for Kita to make sure Washu will be at her best at the photoshoot :]

Navy Top (Posted 23rd March 2012)

So, I've been working away, no pic this time but that's cause the light in my room is awfullllll.. that and it isn't done yet.

Cut out and sewn everything for the navy top over the past few days, all it needs now is hemming and some fastenings and it's done! The orange triangle pieces are ready to be attached too. All that's left now is the cream shirt, the bows on the shoes and finishing up the wig!

Happy days~ <3

Wig Test! (Posted 17th March 2012)

So, before work (which I should be running to now..) I did a quick test for Washu. This has told me a few things: I need to figure out what colour for eyeshadow as NOTHING matches her pink hair, I need to toy with lipstick and the wig needs a bit more security before wearing at the con!

I'll be colouring my eyebrows at the con as well, this was before work. Last thing I want is pink eyebrows at work XD

The spikes aren't seperated here, but they still flare out a tad which I really like. With the ponytail I think it adds to the 'natural' style of the wig, instead of comic spikes. I can't decide what would be better for this at all.

It was only secured with bobby pins (no spray) so it should stand up better later. Any feedback would be awesome, though!

Taming the Savage Beast (Posted 15th March 2012)

And so it continues... hopefully though this is the first half of the base wig sorted! With some help from Shido who has far more patience than I do, some extra wefts were added into the base wig sideways to add the crabby spikes on the sides of the wig; add some trimming and separating and this is what we ended up with!

I know Washu has huge spikes on her hair, but I think this looks much more natural (and manageable) and after looking up some other examples I much prefer this to solid OTT hair ^^;

Some references show 4 spikes and some show 5 - so for ease I'm going with 4 :V it looks a lot better as well. They still need a teeny bit of thinning out here, so they should look more accurate once they're trimmed some more.

Must say though I am pretty happy with it so far, once the base wig has been sorted all the extension needs is a few short wefts towards the top and that should be the monstrous wig done!!

Hair Tie Progress - Amongst Other Things (Posted 11th March 2012)

So, next on the agenda was the hair tie.. and so, it begins! It's made from a stupidly long stretch of purple sateen stuff (on the less shiny side) and wrapped in the centre (to be sewn down) to give the illusion of it being tied, like Washu wears it. I figured sewing it down would be quicker (and easier) than having to keep retying it and not getting it looking right!

Pics hopefully show what I mean, incase the pins don't give it away. Quality sucks, but they were taken at 1am in a dark room! It also shows how it looks with the ponytail.. I think it definately needs some more volume.

Amongst other things, I made all of the orange triangles on her outfit (2 on each sleeve, 1 on her top, 1 on shorts) from fimo earlier and baked em so they're all ready. I hope they look alright.. I'm awful at sculpting with fimo/sculpey, but they LOOK like triangles so they'll do. I've attached the one onto the shorts and it looks pretty good so far!

Now the hairtie is done I can focus on getting everything else finished off and Washu should be done pretty quickly!

Ponytail! (Posted 9th March 2012)

Been trimming down the ponytail and wrestling with the wig today.. wig isn't going well, but the ponytail is looking better than before! I think it needs more volume towards the top which I can hopefully add with some more wefts.

Realistically though, it was NEVER going to be as big as Washu's actual hair, was it :V I hope this is a good compromise.. it should still be big, but not as big as it should be!

Finished Shorts! At Last! (Posted 9th March 2012)

Well, I swear this entry isn't just a showcase for my butt.. even though it -looks- that way..!

I finished these tonight! All that's left is a teeny bit of handsewing and the gem on the waistband. They're fully lined and the turnups are sewn on to make them look more accurate too!

They're a tad fitted but hopefully they should be fine once everything else is done. Though compared to the reference the waistband really ISN'T high enough, but on a person that'd look AWFUL. I'm hoping the ratio when they're worn with the top will look fine..! The last thing I want to do is remake these again with an even higher waist, sigh =___=

Shorts (Posted 3rd March 2012)

Actual progress?? Noooo.. can't be!

Anyhow, started on the shorts and despite cutting a nasty little hole in the butt of the shorts they're pretty much done! Only gripe is the fabric is a bit thin so it can appear a bit see-through, so if I get time (and enough cash) I'll probably remake them before the con if I'm still a bit worried :'<

But for now, here's a progress shot with the wig (still unstyled), hair tie (just the fabric - it'll be much longer!), the shorts, the tights and shoes (without their little bows)! It's all very much in progress but hopefully this shows off how it's pulling together at least :D

Now these are (nearly) done I'm going to try get the hair tie and tops done soon..!

Wig! Again! (Posted 5th February 2012)

Here's a progress picture of the wig; one on the right is a photo of it drying 2 days ago, and it really shows off the new colour!

It's still a bit *PINK* instead of reddish pink but it's a lot better for her than before! Compared to the two references (two of the most different references I had) I think it'll do nicely ^^

More Wig Progress (Posted 3rd February 2012)

Decided to try dye the wig again with some more red this time - at the moment it's drying and looks hot pink from a distance, but it's definately more red than it was before!

I think it's just the sunlight outside.. or at least.. I hope it is..

Either way, I'm out of rubbing alcohol now so it'll have to do! When I was spraying the wig it looked more red with pinky undertones (exactly like I want) so I'm hoping it'll dry as I want it :D

Wig Progress! (Posted 2nd February 2012)

Dyed the wig for Washu today! It's currently drying on the washing line outside. It used a whole bottle of FW ink and about half a bottle of rubbing alcohol, hopefully it'll work out nicely once it's dry!

The inside is still a bit pink... fingers crossed it's not too noticeable! It should be fine though, it's not too much darker/too red from the original colour ^^;

Researching and stuff (Posted 24th October 2011)

For Washu for Kita I'm going to do her default series outfit, the one with the shorts! Love those diagonal pockets (not so much the high waist, though..)

The shorts and top sleeves are different colours (even though in some references they look the same..) - the top is cream and the shorts are a light aqua so I'll be getting 2 different fabrics for them.

Also got my tights today, they're.. a bright mustard XD not 100% accurate, but I think they'll compliment the rest of the costume nicely instead of looking washed out like in the references - pretty much every other Washu I've seen has brighter tights anyway, and the last reference image on here shows them brighter (even with lighting effects).. so fingers crossed they should do nicely!

Hoping to order the wig this week! Ahhhh *A*

Wig! (Posted 6th October 2011)

So finally I've decided which wig to get; Ayanamisatoru's Cure Blossom Pretty Cure wig! It's long and it's pink (though it will be dyed with red to make it more like Washu's hair anyway) and it should be stylable... fingers crossed, anyway!

The fringe will need major styling to even look like Washu's crab hair, but it should be long enough to style to something similar, at least. The curled fringe pieces will be styled into her little antennae too!

I'm going to be getting some help styling this (mainly because I'm so bad with wigs..) but if I can style the back ponytail to be more punky I think it'll work really well! And it's costing me half the price it was going to before by not needing to buy two wigs..

Should be ordering this when I can afford it, hopefully before Christmas and if I can afford to go to Kita it'll be worn then with the Tenchi group! So excited <333

Wigs! So many wigs! (Posted 3rd October 2011)

So, for the past 3 weeks or so I've been hunting for wigs for Washu. The colour is impossible. I did find one wig that was perfect (pictured) - it's punky and the right kind of reddish pink - just about 80cm too short to work, and not available in any other styles at all to even modify, guhhh -_-;;;

I'm going to ask around and see if I can get any advice on dying wigs, since my last attempt was pretty basic and I really want to do a good job with Washu. I think I've found an alternative using 2 wigs to make her hair work (from an original 3), but it depends if I can dye them properly and style it all up ^^

I can't wait til I can afford to start work on this monster <3