Costume :Gumi
Variant :Matryoshka
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2012

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Costume Information

Cost : Roughly £30... :)
Time Taken : About 4 months...? Gradually. XD

OK, so I love Matryoshka by Miku and Gumi, and knew I had to cosplay Gumi as soon as I saw her! XD I've almost completed this costume, and I will be wearing it to MCM Expo in Feb! :D

I was originally gonna go as Chell from Portal, but a change of plans had me doing Gumi instead! I can't wait to cosplay her, she's gonna be so much fuuun! :3


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Dat Makeup HNNNG

by CharlotteLuna on Sunday, 29 January, 2012 - 16:32
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Eeheeeee~! :D Thanks so much for the comment! ^^

by purplecat95 on Sunday, 29 January, 2012 - 18:26
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wow that looks really good

by dan-dan on Thursday, 16 February, 2012 - 23:06
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Heheeeee, thanks so much! :')

by purplecat95 on Friday, 17 February, 2012 - 10:49

To-Do List

Paint hoodieHighComplete
Trim fringe of wigMediumComplete
Buy wigMediumComplete
Figure out what to wear on bottom half XDMediumComplete

Shopping List

Green wig£15.00Bought
Red hoodie£0.00Bought
Black fabric paint£2.37Bought
White fabric paint£2.40Bought
Green and red striped socks£4.00Bought
White face paint£3.99Bought


Well... This is complete now! XD (Posted 16th February 2012)

YEAH! All ready for Expo on Saturday! Hooray! :D

Half a hoodie yeh. (Posted 29th January 2012)

OK, the painting took forever! XD I got one side done, and I'm gonna try and do the next one at some point in the near future! :D I'm quite pleased with the outcome, the paints were a nice quality! ^^

Make up and thangs (Posted 28th January 2012)

HEYHEY KIDS. Since my last journal, my superb socks have arrived and they are rather superb. Also, I went out today and purchased face paint and white fabric paint, and then tested out how my face is gonna look! XD I think it looks quite scary, personally. O.o But anyway, it's looking good, wouldn't you say? :3
I'm gonna try and paint my hoodie tomorrow, and then I'm all done, I think! :D

SOCKZ (Posted 18th January 2012)

Purchased some socks today from eBay to complete the look! :D They'e dead cool. ;) Just the hood to go now, can't wait! :D Expo in ONE MONTH. <3

CRIMBLE JOY (Posted 25th December 2011)

So good news! My lovely grandparents braved eBay and bought me a lovely red hoodie! So that's about £16 I'm not gonna be set back, which is lovely! :')
SO! All that's left to do now is paint it really! And I'm quite excited about that, I really hope it goes well! I'm counting on it doing so! XD
ALSO! My dad bought me some gorgeous Doc Marts, which I'm gonna wear with this, 'cus they really suit it, I think. :) <3
That's all for now, peace out! xxx

DAT WIG (Posted 9th November 2011)

Oh my GOSH, I received my wig today, along with a wig head I ordered, which is totally lovely!
The wig is so perfect!! Like seriously, it's beautiful and so soft and lovely and I love wigs. I might still need to trim the fringe cus it's a little blunt, but it's otherwise perfect! XD

Initiation! :D (Posted 30th October 2011)

This cosplay has officially started! I purchased the wig yesterday, and I went into town the other day to get black fabric paint. All I need to get really is white fabric paint, and the hoodie of course. Then it's figuring out the bottom half, painting the matryoshka hoodie, styling the wig ('specially dat fringe XD), figuring out my make up, then I'm pretty much ready really! XD And several months early! :)