Costume :Claire Stanfield
Source :Baccano!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Well what can I say. This is a costume I have been planning for a while now.

Claire is one of my favourite Baccano character ( besides the obvious Miria and Isaac)I'm not sure how recognisable this will be, but I guess that depend on the variant


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D : I don't think I'll be getting the train to Ame now..... But on a more serious note I am really looking forward to this!

by Chain Toxin on Sunday, 25 September, 2011 - 19:09
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XD don't worry. You only have to be scared if you don't pay for your ticket

by yami-no-neko on Sunday, 25 September, 2011 - 21:45
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Looks like this is going to be very cool!

by Carmina on Tuesday, 13 December, 2011 - 17:05

To-Do List

Red TieHighComplete
Order WigHighComplete
Conductor HatHighIn Progress
waistcoatHighIn Progress
White glovesMediumComplete
brown loafersMediumPlanned


Trousers (Posted 9th February 2012)

Trousers ar now finished. It's taking me a long time to make any progress with any costumes at the minute because i'm working non stop, but I finally got round to finishing the trousers. Because I had to double up the material, it is no longer the exact shade as the jactet, so I can either make a new jacket, or not care, and since the colour difference is not too noticable, for now I will leave it be. I decided against blood soaking it for now becaue I might be wearing it to the ball, and I also don't want my face to be stained red for the week.

I appear to have lost my hat at the minute, so I might have to make another.

Well it's on to making the waistcoat and finding the right footwear.

just a bit more tinkering to do (Posted 3rd November 2011)

I still need to finish the hat. It's not quite finished yet as it needs to be sewn together, rather than held together with pins.

I didn't really realise at the time that the material I bought for the trousers was so transparent. When I made the trousers and pinned them together to try them on my sister just laughed as she could see straight through them. So I went back, bought more material, and I'm now doubbling it up so that you can't see my knickers through it.

I'm kinda torn betwen wanting to blood soak the costume and leaving it as is. I know my friend wants me to leave it as is, but I kinda still wanna go for the full effect. I'm still undecided as to what to do in the end.

wiggy goodness (Posted 18th October 2011)

got my wig in the post today. It looks amazing. very much like a starry sky wig . Anyway. I plan to use this wig for my Avan hardins cosplay aswell, so it's a worthwile investment.

I also bought the material to make my trousers a while back, so now I can hopefullt get it finished pretty sharpish.

progressy (Posted 21st September 2011)

Got a het pattern today. I was planning on buying a hat, but so far I have came up with nothing, and I saw this pattern by chance in a bargain bin, so I picked it up.

i still have to adapt the top properly and I need to find/make a waistcoat. The wig is being ordered

so now I just need to make trousers.

I'm planning to get some pics of this in the train museum in York so that I have some nice normal images before I Rail tracer it up