pyramid head
Silent Hill 2

Cosplayer: Tedward

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 28th August 2011
Oh excellent, Pyramid Head is awesome.
Do you know which day of the Expo you'll be doing this for?
A couple of us will be there on the Friday as James and Maria, so you'd be welcome to join if you happen to be cosplaying PH at the same time.

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 28th August 2011
I will be doing ph on the Sunday . What about you lot ? ;)

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 30th August 2011
Ah, it looks like we will be doing Silent Hill on both the Friday and the Sunday now as my friend has 2 SH cosplays that she wants to do. We'll have to keep an eye out for you ^^

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 30th August 2011
Nice one . Is your friend on here ? My materials come this week ! I work fast so pics soon !!

Tsuchinoko avatar

Tsuchinoko - 31st August 2011
Yep, we've made a group topic for Silent Hill over on the cosplay forum now.
Awesome, good luck and looking forward to seeing it!

Einmyria avatar

Einmyria - 10th September 2011
That looks epic!!!

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 4th March 2012
Damn just two days ago I was trying to show my work colleagues (hope you don't mind) and you didn't have pics >.< such a damn cool cospaly!!!! xD

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 4th March 2012
Yeah just waiting on robs cd with the pics on . That's all I have at the mo . :(

Siouxsie James avatar

Siouxsie James - 25th April 2012
Loving the photos :)

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 25th April 2012
Thanks . Credit to rob for the pics !!

BabemRoze avatar

BabemRoze - 25th April 2012
This looks epic!!

Manticore Arts avatar

Manticore Arts - 25th April 2012
So Much Win! ^_^

Tedward avatar

Tedward - 25th April 2012
Thanx all!

Plasticsharkattack avatar

Plasticsharkattack - 26th August 2012
THIS. IS. AMAZING. wow wow WOW!!

Dax79 avatar

Dax79 - 9th May 2013
Nice Helmet!