Costume :Altair and Medico
Variant :A Combo Cosplay!
Source :Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

This Cosplay is ment to be performed as a Combo only, meaning that I must find a pair if my all-time NAKAMA little brother will not be able to attend!

I'm in love with the Game and hope to do my best to make a proper outfit :D


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To-Do List

Altair- leather & metal ArmourHighPlanned
Medico- Wide leather waist beltHighPlanned
Medico- Sholder leather armorHighPlanned
Medico- MaskHighPlanned
Medico- HatHighPlanned
Medico- Black garmentHighPlanned
Altair- Waist KnifeHighPlanned
Altair- Hidden daggersHighPlanned
Altair- White hoodHighPlanned
Medico- GlovesMediumPlanned
Medico- bottles and accessoriesMediumPlanned
Medico- BootsLowComplete
Altair- BootsLowPlanned

Shopping List

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