Idris aka Sexy

Costume :Idris - T.A.R.D.I.S in human form - (aka Sexy) - the Doctor's Wife
Variant :N/A
Source :Doctor Who - Season 6 - The Doctor's Wife
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Idris -Sexy- The Doctor's Wife - CYPHAN 2011

A bitey mad lady

What a Greeting?!

Peek-A-Boo with an old Friend...

Idris - aka Sexy - The Doctor's Wife - CYPHAN 2011

At CYPHAN - 2011 Chicago with the Doctor (11)

Complete Idris - aka Sexy Gown

Finished Idris Gown - The Doctor's Wife


Costume Information

Cost : $135 (U.S.) dollars - Including hair and boots
Awards : CYPHAN 2011 - Judges Favorite
Time Taken : Planning, research and construction - three weeks time

I was very excited to find out that the one and consant companion of Doctor Who finally came to the forefront in the episode - The Doctor's Wife. The TARDIS now became a living-character, aka -Idris...and with this, we not only get to see the Doctor truly feels, but how truly deep the relationship is between the mad man and the blue box.

I chose this character/outfit because of her over-all appearence, but also the frank similarity of her to the Doctor. Even the very conversations the between the two of them seemed to be on the same wave-length. They've been together for so long that they can finish each other's thoughts!

Idris: Yes, that's me. A type 40 TARDIS. I was already a museum piece when you were young. And the first time you touched my console, you said—

The Doctor: I said you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever known.

Idris: Then you stole me. And I stole you.

The Doctor: I borrowed you.

Idris: Borrowing implies the eventual intention to return the thing that was taken. What makes you think I would ever give you back?

After closly reviewing the promotional photos of Suranne Jones in her Idris dress, I looked through several late 19 century (1880s) costume books. The hardest part of this costume wasn't so much the construction, but finding the correct fabric. Without being about to see the actual attire up close, it was difficult to determine the true shade of the outfit. I saw green, green-blue, blue green, brown, and all shades in between.

The following is a collection of fabrics that I chose for this outfit:

Bodice - Tone on tone (gray) Stamped Velvet decore fabric
Apron- pale seafoam green stretch lace
Overskirt- brown changable silk with tassles to match
Skirt - Changable Silk, blue with green undertones
Ruffles - Changable Silk, blue with green undertones and sheer pink fabric,
Trim - Seagreen/blue trim for skit and for Bodice

The easiest part of the whole about fit was the hair...drawn up and teased beyond belief!

I attended CYPHAN 2011 and ComicCon Chicago 2011 and had a blast. Met up with a handful of Doctor Who (9,10, and 11) who enjoyed the addition to their group.

I was hoping to see more Idris characters, but only saw one (pout). I plan to go to TARDIS this November in Chicago, IL and be able to see more people who enjoy this character as much as I.


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You look amazing! This is so spot on, well done! :D

by Mungojerrie on Monday, 22 August, 2011 - 07:37
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You made an awesome Idris

by j_mercuryuk on Monday, 22 August, 2011 - 08:03

Shopping List

Sculptured velvet decore fabric - 2-1/2 yards£32.00Bought


Something Old, Something New, Something Barrowed, Something Blue (Posted 2nd July 2011)

I just saw "The Doctor's Wife" and I am extremely pleased. Finally, a character that I can relate to. I need to make this...I HAVE to make this...I am searching the web and reviewing the shots from my DVR. Oh, why did this episode have to shot in such dark surroundings?!?!

I will start with the basics...shape and pattern construction. Looks very similar to a late 1880s gown. This should be too hard...oh, corset is a must along with a small bustle. Foundation items first! Without these, the whole outfit will not look correct.

Off to look at costume books and see if I can find anything that looks close to Surrane Jones dress.