Costume :Pirate England - Commission
Source :Hetalia
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Le back

Finished coat.

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Time Taken : 3-4 days

This was a commission for a friend. Tis england in his pirate costume. Oh dear got the arms..... i hate sleeves. Sleeves suck ass. but im happy with the way it came out ><


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Looks great!

by Elvish on Saturday, 22 October, 2011 - 19:04
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Thankies ^^

by KuroOkaeshi on Saturday, 22 October, 2011 - 19:21

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Start on coatHighComplete
Finish detail and collar on coatHighIn Progress
Make pattern peices from coatMediumComplete


Its been given and i nao has some money! :D (Posted 18th October 2011)

YEY! She loved it. I will have a image of her wearing it probably this weekend. Her mum paid me £10 which i was quite happy with considering she did buy all the material her self apart from the small amount of ribbon i had to get so it could be finished. (Im not too bothered about £1 =w=) :D So yeah! Whoooo! I gots paiiiid! >< (im so childish.....)

ITS FINISHED.... (Posted 13th October 2011)


Tis nearly done! (Posted 12th October 2011)

I should have some images up by tomorrow! The arms are in..... i hate arms, i hate them so much, whoever created them is really gay =w= anyways, the black foldy things on the front are sewn on, the gold is around the edge is currently being sewn on. Will be getting more ribbon tomorrow because i wont have enough for everything, and then that will be sew on tomorrow, along with the collar, cuffs and buttons, im also thinking of putting a little strap at the back and using 2 buttons there. Like on tail coats or proper pirate coats, you know the litte strap in the middle of the coat at the back. Yes. Well. Oh and the shoulder things with the fringe is on! :D So its nearly done! :D

:O lining? (Posted 9th October 2011)

Le Lining Is IN! :D Got le arms cut out and ready for sewing so i just need to get the collar and other details cut out and sewn and den it shall be finished!

What...? You've finally started!?!?!? (Posted 8th October 2011)

Yes. Yes i have. I have stalled this for so long, and then realise that my friend needs this for the 23rd.... ive got 2 weeks to make it... with lining and everything. *dies* No worries though! I has lots of free time in college so i can get it done then. So basically the red part of the coat is cut, and tomorrow i will be cutting out the lining and the details and hopefully SEWING! :D