Costume :Lenne
Source :Final Fantasy X-2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2004

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Costume Information

Cost : £55
Time Taken : 20 hours

My first attempt at this was my second ever costume made back in 2003. A friend wore it at AmeCon 2004 as Yuna Songstress. I still love the design, it’s nice to have costumes I can use my own hair for, plus it's a comfy, simple costume which is easy to pack, so I decided to remake it for London Expo in October 2012.

I found a t-shirt in a charity shop and cut it into the correct shape, finishing the raw edges. The armscyes are hemmed by hand because I never get on well with stretchy fabrics and the invisible finish doesn’t go wrong. I chose a pale blue lining fabric for the ruffles since I prefer that over white. I gathered them using my overlocker and sewed them to the top. I then did a bit of invisible hand stitching to get them to sit exactly as I wanted around the collar area. I cut out my fabric to ensure that the ruffles on the bottom left transition into the side-skirt thing without a seam. I did try to follow references for the side-skirt, but they vary and it’s an odd design, so I mostly experimented with draping the layers of fabric until I was happy with the effect. I ended up layering four roll-hemmed gathered pieces. I used nearly 3m of fabric for the ruffles and side skirt.

The sleeves are a double layer of chiffon, since one layer wasn’t opaque enough and using two layers also allowed me to encase the edges at the hem – all the raw edges are also rolled hemmed together. There are black elastic loops sewn at the wrist and elbow. The black criss-crosses for the upper arms are also elastic so they stay in place relatively well.

The skirt is knife pleated lace fabric and I used the scalloped edge of the fabric for the hem. The closure is an overlapping placket on the left so it’s hidden by the top, and it’s all finished with a waistband. I have black shorts to wear underneath. I found a belt in a charity shop with the right shaped buckle then covered it using a double-layer of the same pale blue fabric used on the top.

The boots were the challenging part of the costume. I bought a cheap pair of pull-on knee-high boots on ebay with suitable flat soles. It was really useful to find a pair without a zip – that made covering them much easier. I used suedette from Fentshop Fabrics on ebay – I’d used their suedette for my Tinkerbell dress so I knew it didn’t fray, which is what I was after. I patterned out the pieces in spare fabric then cut the final ones from three colours of suedette. Although I’d bought all the different colours, I still had to paint the pieces for the front sections with dilute acrylic to get a more reddish shade. I traced around a 5p coin to mark out the scalloped edges and carefully cut them all out. The pieces are glued together and attached to the boots using Shoe Goo.

I used my own hair and bought matching hair extensions to make the beaded braids. These clip into my own hair behind my ears. I used two packs of pony beads and threaded them on to the braids and the ends are securely glued with Araldite.


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Fantastic Lenne. You look great.

by Sephirayne on Saturday, 24 November, 2012 - 23:07
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I love that you never seem to throw away costumes but just update them several years later. It really shows how your skills improve over time. You did a great job on Lenne =)

by Leonie Heartilly on Saturday, 9 March, 2013 - 20:47

Shopping List

Boots - eBay£4.99Bought
Elastic - Edinburgh Fabrics£2.80Bought
Lipstick - Collection 2000£2.99Bought
Belt - charity shop£1.00Bought
Chiffon - Fabric World£6.37Bought
Hair extensions - deva-look on eBay£3.03Bought
Pale blue fabric - Edinburgh Fabrics£6.60Bought
T-shirt - charity shop£2.50Bought
Lace fabric - lace bits 899 on eBay£5.90Bought
Suedette - Fentshop Fabrics on eBay£13.60Bought
Beads - Hobbycraft£5.98Bought