Costume :Aqua
Variant :regular outfit
Source :Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

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Costume Information

Time Taken : around 6 hours maybe?

Ever since I first saw the artwork for Aqua I really liked her outfit, and since playing BbS, I've also come to really like her as a character which has made me more determined to cosplay her.

Currenly early days with this cosplay, only really started the strange little side skirt things of hers, and I've also started an underbust corset for her. Got the white fabric for the sleeves and ribbons round her waist, will hopefully start the ribbons sometime next week.

Currently the parts I'm dreading most are her shoes and styling her wig. I know her hair isn't a particularly difficult style at all, but wig cutting is damned new to me XD Plus, you can't undo/repaint/unstitch badly cut hairs ;P


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To-Do List

ShoesHighIn Progress
Corset + top +strapsHighIn Progress
Side skirtsHighIn Progress
Buy and style wigHighPlanned
KeybladeLowIn Progress


Progress so far.. (Posted 25th February 2012)

So far there are plenty of little bits of this cosplay that are now in progress, but nothing is quite finished XD I am terrible for sticking at one thing till it's finished, I jump around between things as and when I feel like doing something.

The side skirts are cut out, just need hemming and gathering. Side ribbons are also in progress, as is the mock corset.
Things I need to start still are the sleeves, shoe covers and shorts. Not looking forward to those damn shoe covers. No sir.

I started sketching out a Keyblade though, Bright Crest, and I now have a full size template. Tomorrow I hope to go and get some stiff card so that I can make an actual start on making the Keyblade. I am also planning on starting up again on one of the other parts, as I really need to get a move on with this now, so I don't have to rush it in the last few weeks, especially since I actually have a resit exam on the Friday of Kita, so last minute sewing cannot happen!