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Cosplayer: yami-no-neko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Ayacon 2011

9th August 2011: Nyoiboi I had planned to make the staff so it coild break apart , but I realised I had to make it con safe and I couldn't find any safe chains. In the end i decided to just make it as one piece. I just bought some foam tubes and painted one red with acrylic. I then used kitched roll holders for the ends topped with polystrine balls painted gold and glues it all together

9th August 2011: Diadiem I bought a headband and created the shape of Goku's Diadiem out of cardboard from the back of a sketchbook. I then created the same shape too add over the top of the first,but with the centre cut out to add depth to the Diadiem. I then just glues it and spyayed it with a gold paint and then used doubble sided tape to attach it to the headband. It slightly lifts off at the corners, so I have put two gold hair grips at the ends to hold it together.

Chain Toxin avatar

Chain Toxin - 22nd August 2011
The Photo shoots were really fun! X D You make such a cute Goku.