Costume :Ianto Jones
Variant :Something Borrowed (Wedding Fairy)
Source :Torchwood
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Two Iantos

Wedding Fairy and Dragon

Ianto has a UNIT cap



Costume Information

"That's what I love about Torchwood. By day, you're chasing the scum of the universe, come midnight you're the wedding fairy." ~ Ianto Jones; Series 2, Episode 9: 'Something Borrowed'

Another Ianto cosplay for me, this time from Series 2: Episode 9 'Something Borrowed'. Although with a bit of a twist, that's probably been done before, but thanks to Cassie I am also going to be a Wedding Fairy Ianto. Complete with wings, tiara and wand. So yes, look forward to it.
Cosplay is for Hub 7 on the Sunday, especially for my photo shoot with John Barrowman.


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To-Do List

Get new shoes! HighComplete
Sort wig HighComplete
Find a new suit (Jacket + Trousers) MediumComplete
Make the TieMediumComplete
Get ribbon matching shirt colour for wandLowComplete
Find fairy wingsLowComplete
Find a wandLowComplete
Find a tiaraLowComplete
Get Pink shirtLowComplete
Get a flower for jacketLowPlanned

Shopping List

Fairy Wings£5.99Bought
Plain Black Tie£1.00Bought
White ribbon and wrong colour light pink ribbon £1.70Bought
Ianto ID Card£5.00Bought
Suit £44.00Bought
Wig £11.30Bought
2x Pink Ribbon for Tie (Different shades) £0.70Bought
Belt (Already had) £0.00Bought
Pink Shirt£5.00Bought
Flower£0.00To Buy
New Shoes! £0.00To Buy


Pretty much done! (Posted 10th October 2011)

Well yeah, like the title says, this Ianto outfit's pretty much done! :D
I need to get a hold of new shoes and a suitable flower for it, but other than that, I have everything. Suit I eventually bought in Matalan, using a 20% discount voucher, and the tie's all made. I debuted the main outfit at EMS, but without wings/wand/flower, so I'll get some photos of the full ensemble to you soon XD

Tie (Posted 6th September 2011)

After much hunting I decided just to make the tie for this outfit. So I grabbed a plain black one from the clearance section of Primark and bought some ribbon in the market in 2 of the 3 colours I needed. The white ribbon I got is fine, though the pink's a little too light, so I'm going to try and replace it once I've attached all the white ribbon. That way I can see whether the amount I got was too much, too little or just right.
Other than that, it's just continuing my suit hunt. Unfortunately Matalan and Ebay have been unfruitful in finding the jacket to make my 2-piece a 3-piece suit, so I may have to go to a Primark or another Matalan store for a new suit.

Well that's the latest on this costume for now!

Update (Posted 1st September 2011)

Sorry for the journal spam on this costume, haha. Kinda just logging every little detail as I go XD
Image of the wings for you, their the cheapest bigger ones I could find, all the others were pretty small. But yeah I think they'll do.
Also decided that unless ebay appears to have the suit jacket to match my trousers I think I'll have to get another suit. Which shall be fun. It'll either be another Matalan one or a Primark one. Depends what I can find.
Other than that it's just the tie to make. I have a base black tie, I just have to add ribbon to it to make it the right stripes, as I cannot find the actual one anywhere. It shall be interesting to see whether I can pull it off XD

Wand (Posted 30th August 2011)

Decided not to bother finding a wand, and instead made one out of scrap materials laying around the house. Namely a set of chopsticks that I got off an old magazine years ago that were meant for putting in your hair, cardboard to make a template and a sheet of felt. The wand I've made I need to just add the finishing touches to, and I'm making a second. The first has a dark grey star topper (to match the suit), the second will have the generic yellow star. Oh and the star is stuffed with the inside material of 2 cotton pads. I'll post some photos when I've made the second wand!

Wig (Posted 15th August 2011)

Bought a wig off ebay which arrived today! It needs a bit of work, but I can (hopefully) sort that! I'm glad it arrived as its one less things for me to worry about with this cosplay, haha. Also it means that every time I do Ianto I don't have to gel my hair with ridiculous amounts of product xD
So yes, rather happy right now!

-- Update --

Just cut it down so that it looks better at the front. Rather happy with the result. Have a grainy quality webcam photo and take a look for yourselves! XD

Shirt (Posted 6th August 2011)

Managed to grab a pink shirt for £5 today in Primark. It's not as dark as Ianto's one, but all the one's I've looked at aren't really dark at all. I may use this one for MCM and get a different one nearer the time if I find a better one, but if not I think this one will work too. I did take a photo but it looked white in the lighting of my room so was fairly pointless XD

Next stop: tie hunting and suit jacket buying!