Costume :Anne Boleyn
Variant :Perseverance
Source :the tudors
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Henry VIII, Charles brandon, Mary (margret) tudor and Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn with King Henry VIII (2)

Anne Boleyn with King Henry VIII (1)

Group shot

headshot - side with mask

Headshot - front view

Headshot - side

Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn


Costume Information

It's my auntie's 30th birthday and shes having a fancy dress party! It's supposed to be famous people past and present and I thought about going as a historical figure. I couldn't really find a good tudor costume for a low budget. so as I was watching the tudors, one of my favourite costumes is her perseverance outfit when she meets the king for the first time. It is elegant and stylish, something risque for their time period! so this is the costume i have chosen to do!



It's finally done! I actually Wore this in september i just couldn't be bothered to put it up! haha but i am going to now i hope you enjoy! :)



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