Costume :Hatsune Miku
Variant :Rolling girl
Source :youtube video
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Nemacon 2011

Costume Photos

Rolling Girl at sunnycon



the skirt ^^

rev image


Costume Information

Cost : somewhere in the region of £10-£15 i borrowed the wig.
Awards : i won a skit comp at anime attack in gateshead with my rolling girl skit
Time Taken : 10 days

i recently watched a video on youtube called rolling girl by miku hatsune, i highly sugest you check it out. its a great sdong, so im going to try ansd make the costume from that video from items off the high street, think of this as a high street cosplay. XD


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To-Do List

buy long blue wig HighPlanned
buy plain pink knee length skirt MediumComplete
buy a short sleved white shirtMediumIn Progress
Buy black long sleved cardiganMediumIn Progress
buy black dolly shoesLowPlanned