Costume :Resetti
Variant :Human-like and Feminine
Source :Animal Crossing
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2011

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Resetti's Hat






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Cost : 9.99

I will be wearing the usual dungarees and white top, and I will try my best to make something for my nose (not 100% sure though) and whiskers. I'll use make up to make my eyebrows bigger and I'll have to make myself a pick and/or buy/make a helmet. This will be hard work but quite fun!

I'm stuck between two costume ideas at the moment, I may or may not wear it at MCM but I'd hope to :)

If all else fails, I'm gonna have to make it feminine. It is very hard for me to find a suitable dungaree. I guess I'll be Ms Resetti


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This guy drove me insane everytime :'D

by Emzone on Monday, 25 July, 2011 - 15:12
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this guy genuinly scares me, I'll be sure to save before I quit I promise

by Paprika on Monday, 25 July, 2011 - 15:38

I hated him so much, at least he taught me never to reset.

by CandyCurleySlim on Tuesday, 26 July, 2011 - 14:14
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I use to hate this guy.
I remember giving up on a game, cause every time I'd play it,he'd pop up and I couldn't get rid of him. :l

by The-oncoming-storm on Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 - 19:30
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OMG Yes! XD He always scared me - threatened by a mole......

by Raye-chan on Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 - 20:55
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OMG. <3

by cowiee on Thursday, 28 July, 2011 - 15:09

I'm glad that people are excited for it :3

by CandyCurleySlim on Thursday, 28 July, 2011 - 18:52
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Ooh, awesome! :D
Resetti scares me though..

by ToroSonyCat on Monday, 12 September, 2011 - 17:34
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Epic win! Resetti makes me laugh; he's so mental.
Hope I see you 'round as I'd love to have my photo taken with you :D

by Heorot on Friday, 16 September, 2011 - 12:17

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Hard Hat with flashlightHighComplete

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Finished? (Posted 28th July 2011)

Well, I made the pick, 'customised' the hat, got the dungarees and shirt and will bother about the make up sooner the time of the event. I decided I will wear this one in October. I will make the pick better, because it looks like a clothes hanger covered in tin foil and the handle is covered in tape. Which it is.

Nearly Done (Posted 27th July 2011)

So, I have the dungarees, top, pick, and make up. All that is left is the hardest part which would be the hard hat with light. Either I can buy one which might be quite expensive or make one which will be incredibly difficult. Gotta make my mind up, which one can I take?