Costume :Severus Snape
Variant :Marauders Era
Source :Harry Potter
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I got asked to do this a long time ago for a group.. But was too ill. Now the films have come to an end (as well as the books), I really want to pay respect to Snapey baby. (He is my second favourite character from any media). Myself and my little brother-in-law have a bunch of Harry Potter days planned. I can't wait to do them!

I'm not sure which year yet. Maybe year 1, although i want to do the 'upside down' moment vs, James Potter.

I have a couple of Potter cosplays I would love to do, but I've never had the guts too. Hence why I stick with my 'random Slytherin''

snape (marauder era), pansy (i know i know, i deleted her, REMAKE!) Y6/7, moaning myrtle (ghosty) and at some point when i am rich: (so a long long long time away) bellatrix (Deathly Hallows) [would love to do the whole 'mudblood hermione moment'].


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To-Do List

Wet look gelLowComplete
Wand (already have replica)LowComplete
Tie (use one from uniform)LowComplete
Shirt (use my 'universal one i use for lots of cosplays)LowComplete
Patches for blazer and robeLowPlanned
Vest/Jumper - same as TOMLowPlanned
Cut hair when neededLowPlanned
HBP bookLowPlanned
Blazer - use tom riddle?LowPlanned
Make RobeLowPlanned
Robe fabric (already have?)LowPlanned

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a few little things.. (Posted 23rd July 2011)

I was down the bank today and thought I'd look in the charity shop at the shoes. I was hoping to get some for Mona, instead I found some to use for Snapey baby.

edit: photo added.

edit2: I alreay have the Noble replica of Snape's wand, and I will be using my Slytherin tie from my uniform..

For starters.. (Posted 22nd July 2011)

I bought some trousers and socks! Exciting stuff hehe..