Costume :Sakura Haruno
Variant :Shippuden Default
Source :Naruto Shippuuden
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Costume Information

Parts of costume:
Pink wig
Green circle lenses
Elbow bands
Kunai pouch
Shuriken pouch


Pink wig - bought, must be styled
Green circle lenses - must be bought
Shorts - pattern bought; must be sewn
Elbow bands - FINISHED
Headband - must buy metal; fabric bought; must be made
Boots - bought; must be modified
Gloves - BOUGHT
Kunai pouch - must be made
Shuriken pouch - must be made

I have always loved Sakura and had decided for this to be my first cosplay. I have most of it planned out, so I should be done in a month of two simply because this is my first cosplay and I'm still learning.


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To-Do List

Sew ShirtHighComplete
Sew SkirtHighComplete
Sew Arm BandsHighComplete
Sew ShortsHighPlanned
Buy BootsMediumComplete
Style WigMediumIn Progress
Sew HeadbandMediumPlanned
Sew Back PouchLowIn Progress
Buy Circle LensesLowPlanned
Sew Leg PouchLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Boots£10.12Bought
Button Fasteners£5.12Bought
9" Light Pink Zipper£0.78Bought
24" White Separating Zipper£1.88Bought
Pink Stretch Cotton£3.85Bought
White Cotton Twill£3.85Bought
Red Cotton Twill£3.85Bought
Spandex£0.00To Buy
Artificial Leather£0.00To Buy
Contacts£12.70To Buy
Metal Sheet£8.86To Buy


Re-making (Posted 17th October 2011)

I've decided to go ahead and just remake the skirt. I'm doing so with some lighter cotton. I'm not sure how it will turn out.

I just bought the boots I'll be modifying for the outfit.

Unfortunately, I've lost the pattern I need to complete the spandex shorts... I must find it in order to move on...

Skirt Mistakes... (Posted 2nd October 2011)

For future reference, if I ever re-make this costume, the first thing I'll change will be the material I use for the skirt and arm bands. I used a stretch material that was extremely appropriate for the bands and was very comfortable, but it was much to thick and stretchy for the skirt - if I can somehow straighten out the zipper, it'll be fine.

Also, next time, I would make the skirt a bit longer and just shorten it as needed. This one turned out a bit too short.

Shirt Finished (Posted 1st October 2011)

For the past couple of months, I've been working on this costume. Right now, I have the shirt completely finished and am working on the skirt. All that remains for the skirt is the zippers to be installed and the buckles - basically just putting it together. I have all the necessary materials now for the skirt and shall promptly finish it.

Next, I think I'll begin working on kunai props. I have some materials to work with that will at least get me started.