Costume :Lucy Stillman
Source :Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

With Angel_of_Algebra as Shaun.

Awww yus.~


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To-Do List

Buy shoes.HighComplete
Buy jeansHighComplete
Find white, sleeveless polo-neck.HighPlanned
Buy & style wig.HighPlanned
Buy jacket.HighPlanned
Edit jacket.MediumPlanned


Already have the jacket! Whoop! (Posted 22nd August 2012)

Awful photo, it looks black. It's the perfect shade of brown and looks so mich like her jacket.
Having it already was why I wanted to do Lucy in the first place!

This outfit on a whole is fairly easy and totally within my skill-set. And it'll be uber comfy!

Also, me as a blonde - everyone wants to see that. xD

I need to stop being too excited for cons so far away but being able to do this with Angel_of_Algebra as Shaun is the best thing ever!

Hopefully Bryoz will do Desmond and eternal_aranel will do Rebecca? If I can convince her. :p

(I'm wearing my AC top in that photo. x3)