Costume :Supergirl
Source :DC Comics
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Ayacon 2011

Costume Photos


Supergirl and Project Superman #2

Supergirl and Project Superman (fishyfins)

we're too kawaii for you...shows the make up more her XD

better view of the whole look,bad wig day :( taken by Kuroi

Supergirl and 90's Superboy! :D

This outfit!


Costume Information

Cost : £30

My first superhero costume! For Friday of Ayacon with hopefully Luke as Superboy and Jess as Supergirl. Also wore this on the Saturday of Ayacon too!
Costume was ordered from :)

After Ayacon:
This costume went down quite well and I really enjoyed wearing it, lycra is so comfy! Gives me faith for any future costumes that require it. I definately wish to wear this again, maybe at october expo :)

Things to improve on:
-new cape
-proper boots
-new S logo for the front
-new wig (doneee)

Fables let me have an old wig of hers which is perfect for Supergirl, it's much nicer ^^ Thank you Faye!!


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YAAAAAAAAARS!!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait! I will wear a DC for this!

by Captain_Marvelous on Tuesday, 12 July, 2011 - 12:25
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Gunna be amazing, I'm so wearing this to the open ceremony.

by Saffron on Tuesday, 12 July, 2011 - 12:30
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Its not fair - I wont be there to see you. Darnn! :/
You will look Fab. :) Have fuuuuuun. ^_^

by Ranma1-2 on Friday, 5 August, 2011 - 18:35
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Aww :( I will do and I'll get lots of photos :)

by Saffron on Friday, 12 August, 2011 - 14:07
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LOOKS AMAZING SO FAR! I can sort your cape to :P easy peasy!

by Captain_Marvelous on Friday, 12 August, 2011 - 14:57

get in my bed. xD
but seriously.. you look amazing O.o <3

by xLaviChii on Saturday, 13 August, 2011 - 23:39
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Yes ..aMazing! *__*

by Ranma1-2 on Monday, 22 August, 2011 - 19:17
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Thank you ^__^! I'm glad it went down well!

by Saffron on Tuesday, 23 August, 2011 - 11:24
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You looked beautiful! really suited you! heres to mary marvel!

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 28 August, 2011 - 14:11
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Win! You looked amazing in this ;)

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 31 August, 2011 - 14:19
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Thank you for your lovely comments! I'm really happy it didn't get hated ^__^ <3

by Saffron on Wednesday, 31 August, 2011 - 19:59
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You looked awesome! Seriously, you pulled this off really well! ^__^

by Pratatooie on Wednesday, 31 August, 2011 - 22:32
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Aw thank you ;__;

by Saffron on Thursday, 1 September, 2011 - 14:09

To-Do List

order costume XDHighComplete
better wigHighComplete
new logo for topHighPlanned
new cape with logoMediumPlanned

Shopping List

New cape£0.00To Buy
S logo patch£0.00To Buy
boots£0.00To Buy


Ordered the Costume (Posted 22nd July 2011)

I hope and pray it will come in time and will fit! >__<