Costume :Alice - Will of the abyss
Variant :White Dress
Source :Pandora Hearts
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Skirt and bodice attached!

Skirt Progress 2

Skirt Progress

Bodice Part

Alice's Dress - Reference


Costume Information

Cost : £10.11 so far
Time Taken : 7 1/2 hours

This is for the saturday of next years Nemacon :D
I will actually take my time to Make this cosplay (unlike my other's which i kind of rush)

Everything will be done seperately with time inbetween so i dont rush it all like i said before.
The Bodice has been made, but it needs some tweaks. Blah!!! D:

I have actually found, that i want to make it alot more frillier than the original ^^ but thats mainly because i want to also wear it down goth weekend, so it will look nicer in photos ^^


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To-Do List

Buy rest of materialsHighPlanned
Get ruffles madeLowComplete
Get skirt madeLowIn Progress
Get arm warmers and bow madeLowPlanned

Shopping List

White lacing/button braid£2.78Bought
Nice White Fabric for Top£3.98Bought
Black Ribbon£0.75Bought
Interfacing for top and back bow£2.60Bought
Black ribbon for arms, legs, and neck£0.00To Buy
White fabric for arm warmers and bow£0.00To Buy
White fabric for underskirt and long over skirt£0.00To Buy
White fabric for ruffles on skirt£0.00To Buy
Blue Roses£0.00To Buy
White/Gray wig£25.00To Buy


Oh me.... ~sigh~ (Posted 7th July 2011)

Well i did say that this would be done in parts.... but no longer being at school, i have wayyy to much time on my hands. I finished the front part of the skirt and pinned it onto the bodice to see what it looks like. And before, when i didnt actually like what i had done so far, im really liking it nao :D

Progress (Posted 7th July 2011)

After finding that i had enough fabric left to start the ruffles on the skirt i did! Easiest bit yet!! :D I have the base of the skirt and one peice of ruffles done at the moment. Not gonna do too much today though. =w= Ive hurt my shoulder so it hurts just to even type. My luck huh?

Blah! Part two. (Posted 5th July 2011)

Whoop! Finally got it to fit me properly. I had to sew in some creases/darts in the side to make it shape to my body, and i had to fold over the top back parts to make it shorter so it didnt crease as much.... im so glad im actually taking my time to make this one, because from what i have seen here its gonna be a real bitch to make ^^

Blah! (Posted 5th July 2011)

Well ive got some fabric for the top part of the dress, and i have cut out the pattern i made for it. Im not too happy with it at the moment, seen as its too big, but im going to continue it later when its not to hot/humid and see if it comes out fine ^^