Costume :The Nurse
Source :Silent Hill Homecoming
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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The Nurse



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Sew the dressHighPlanned
Make the maskHighPlanned
Make the hatLowPlanned

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Help from a friend (Posted 21st August 2011)

Today my good friend Anna helped me with the sewing, and the dress is almost done! Now I just need to dye it with black tea and paint it so it.. Then there's the mask.. I found a tutorial, and made one last year, but it was to small. So I'm going to make one soon!

The nurse dress (Posted 24th June 2011)

When I first played Silent Hill, and saw the Nurses I was like WOW. The nurses are so creepy and scary, and I like it!
For some mounts ago I found a site with nurse dresses or, you know, doctor coats. I almost immediately bought the dress in medium, but when I got it, it was really really big! And Im not really good at sewing, so know Im stuck... And that is so annoying!