Costume :Abraxas
Source :Tron Evolution
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Hood details

Hand details

Front of outfit


Costume Information

Outfit will consist of undersuit, gloves, face mask and cloak.

Not sure would I rig this outfit with El Wire as I find the wire too bulky which restricts movement.

The identity disc will be used from my Clu outfit.


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To-Do List

Construct helmet/face maskMediumIn Progress
Attach reflective tape to boilersuitMediumPlanned
Attach reflective tape according to illustration on cloakMediumPlanned
Attach reflective tape to glovesMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Black boilersuit£0.00Bought
Yellow reflective tape£4.00Bought
Black fabric£6.00Bought
Tinted plastic sheet£1.99Bought
Black gloves£1.99To Buy