Sketch McDraw

Costume :Iron Man
Source :Iron Man Movie
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Iron Man - Back View

Iron Man - Close Up

Iron Man - 'The Demon in the Bottle' Years

Iron Man and Jo Capone

Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man

Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man

Jedi and Iron Man

Iron Man - Side View

Iron Man - Front View


Costume Information

Cost : About £30-40
Time Taken : 1 Month

A Costume i made for a friends birthday BBQ back in 2009.
Like my Optimus Prime Costume before, it was all made out of cardboard and paper mache.
My costumes a cross between the 1st Live Action Movie version and the latter Comic Book version.
For the chest piece i used a battery powered LED touch activated portable/stick on spot light from a Hardware Store.


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