Costume :Frank West
Variant :Dead Rising (Default Costume)
Source :Dead Rising
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

The Camera

Costume pic 2

Reference 1


Costume Information

Cost : £30
Time Taken : 2 Months

This is one my most favourite characters beside Chuck Greene.Plus it seems kinda easy to do and put together.The only hard part is that I gotta find me a camera and cover some wars y'know.


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To-Do List

Find or buy a cheap Camera similar to Frank'sHighComplete
Get some Khaki pantsHighComplete
Find a cheap Leather Jacket similar to FranksHighComplete
Get some brown Loafers or shoesMediumComplete
Get a BeltLowComplete
Get a ShirtLowComplete
Get a silver watchLowPlanned

Shopping List

Get a Shirt£0.00Bought
Get a Belt£0.00Bought
Get some brown Loafers or shoes£4.25Bought
Get some Khaki pants£15.40Bought
Find a cheap Leather Jacket similar to Franks£0.00Bought
Find or buy a cheap Camera similar to Frank's£3.50Bought
Buy a silver watch£10.00To Buy


Got a camera (Posted 28th July 2011)

Well i got a camera.Well it's not similar to Frank's But will do for the cosplay in september.Alls i gotta get now is a silver watch,but that's optional.

Camera! (Posted 8th July 2011)

Just saw a camera on ebay for a cheap price,and it's really close to Frank's camera.Gonna see if i can out bid people for it.Heres wishing me luck!

Leather jacket (Posted 23rd June 2011)

Just remembered I've got my dad's old leather jacket.

Brown shoes (Posted 23rd June 2011)

Found some brown shoes yesterday for £4.25.All I need now is a camera and i'm set.

Khaki Trousers (Posted 22nd June 2011)

Finally got me some Khaki Trousers.Not a bad price at £15.40.

A shirt (Posted 19th June 2011)

Well the shirt was easy seeing as nearly everyone has a shirt in there life.