Costume :Justin
Variant :PSone Version/SEGA version
Source :Grandia I
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon 2014

Costume Photos

Leen, Feena, Justin, Liete

Justin and Feena 2013 (reshoot)

What are you talking about?

Justin and Feena 2013 (reshoot)

Feena and Justin

End of the world?(2012)

Heaven & Earth Cut!(2012)


Costume Information

Cost : over 100€+

This Costume and Character is like a Part of me. I hardly can wait to wear it once more with my Wife as Feena.

This game is over 10 years old now and there is no way to descripe how much I adore everything! I got to knew this game trough my Wife who is a big full fleshed Grandia fan by herself. I was happy to join her as JUSTIN.

For now I wore Justin once at the Japan Expo in Paris 2011. It was a blast! Pepole who knew the game were happy to see it. Thats why I made a final decision:

EVERYTHING will be remake in a better and original way. Feena and me will work together to make both, Justin and Feena justice. We going to bring the final remake costume to the Japan expo in 2012. The day to wear will be Thursday like we decidet now but It could change.

Thumbs up for everyone who love GRANDIA like we do!!!!!


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*snif* my justin *///////* I'm so happy that we can fullfill this cosplaydream soon together <3

by Feena on Tuesday, 14 June, 2011 - 17:39
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this is brilliant, such a well made cosplay from an EPIC game

by nanahara on Tuesday, 24 July, 2012 - 13:02
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Gorgeous work and I adore the latest photo in particular!

Its always wonderful seeing cosplays from one of my all time favourite games. Just praying my Justin cosplay will be half as good when complete XD hehehe ^^;

by Psychoelle on Friday, 14 December, 2012 - 21:33
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You make such an amazing Justin! Totally envious~ :D

by Raine on Friday, 14 December, 2012 - 23:57