Costume :Grell Sutcliffe
Source :Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Well, I'd like to congratulate myself for owning half the cosplay already. XD I have the shoes, the trousers, the shirt and waistcoat, and I could probably buy the glasses in Claires or something. (You know, those stupid glasses that have no corrective lenses in them and are bought by people with no sight problems whatsoever who think 'nerdy' glasses are cool... >_>)

On another note, my wonderful friend Ali who once cosplayed Grell but is now retiring the costume is selling me the coat for £25... though I'll have to lose weight, since it's a bit small. ^_^; I just have to arrange that and the wig, and Grell will be done! :D


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Shopping List

Grell coat£25.00To Buy
Wig£20.00To Buy
Glasses£4.50To Buy