Costume :Shinji Ikari
Variant :Plugsuit
Source :Neon Genesis Evangelion
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2008

Costume Photos

Shinji and Asuka

Shinji & Misato



Costume Information

Cost : £120

Second year i've worn this at Amecon. Wore this in the masquerade aswell which was really fun to do. Didn't make the costume but instead got it commissioned. I got it made because I'm a massive fan of Evangelion and wanted to cosplay as one of my favourite characters.

Although it's a fun costume to wear it's quite uncomfortable at times and for the first half hour or so you feel a bit self conscious for obvious reasons. Although after that half hour you forget about it and just start having fun because you know no one actually cares.

It is like I said quite uncomfortable to wear at times but that's only really when sitting down or eating so when I took it off I was absolutely starving because I hadn't really ate much due to feeling a bit ill if I did.

That said the positives definately outweighed the negatives, it was really fun to wear and I'd love to wear it again at other events.


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