Costume :Rin Kagamine
Variant :Matryoshka
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Ayacon 2011

Costume Photos

Sitting Together Unaware

Me & You?



Crab Dance


Say No To Twincest

Poor Luka...

Circle of Life


L & R



Costume Information

Cost : 22.98
Time Taken : Not very long tbh

I've decided not to count the shorts and tee as I've amalgamated them into general use already so they count as my own clothing instead, the wig was about £15, but that's divided by the 3 costumes I need it for at Aya (hopefully doing lots more Rin cosplays in the future too, so bargain wig).

Super comfy, easy costume to wear with sinXsational/projectXshae as Len and Raine as Kaito in the evening for respite from painted red all over costume of doom. We've been planning to do some sort of twin costume for years and just never managed to get around to it before now; we were going to do the Hitachiin twins at one point, but events conspired against us.

Shane will be doing the hoodies for all three of us as he's good at that sort of thing and also so they match.


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Shoelaces (Posted 14th August 2011)

A collection of brightly coloured shoelaces for us all to use in some combination.

Bagdes (Posted 14th August 2011)

Painted with nailpolish

Rin (Posted 14th August 2011)

Testing outfit and wig fit