Costume :Envy
Source :Full metal alchemist
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London Anime Con 2011

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Best envy ever

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this so me at anime con!


Costume Information

Cost : £20.00
Time Taken : almost a month so far. inbetween exams

my wig is made from green felt. the head band is made from an old top. red thread i stiched myself.
all the rest of my outfit has been hand made by scratch from old black cloathes and tights. all hand stiched (i don trust the sewing machiene! XP)
this is my first costume. made from scraps to save money. (i dont have any!)
anyway i hope it looks cool! i dont want to look like a fool!

i still need to sew the top together and the pants. i also need to slim down. dont want any flab hanging over! Hahah!
loving making this coz envy is my fave character of all time!
if i happen to find an edward elric, i will be all Yaoi over him!
gotta love that pairing.
(hmmm side thought, i may make my short brother go as him!) LOL!

when i go to anime con, i wil be sure to take lots of photos and a vidio too!
my username is atm LittleMissPoshTottie lol. silly name i know.
hope to see other cosplayers there too!


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To-Do List

ScortHighIn Progress
TopHighIn Progress
Buy ContactsHighPlanned
'Socks'MediumIn Progress
Head bandLowIn Progress

Shopping List

green felt£20.00Bought
contacts£0.00To Buy