Costume :Ronald Knox
Variant :Grim Reaper
Source :Black Butler
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2011

Costume Photos

Ronald #2

WIG: Ronald

Looking Out


And I got here really fast...

London MCM Expo October 2011


Greatest Grim Reaper to die~ (idek)


Ronald Knox Preview

Wig Progress



Costume Information

Cost : 36.47
Time Taken : 4 hours

20th December `10, Stephie's Birthday Christmasy meet thing
*28th October `11, London MCM Expo

Ronald's default outfit in the Black Butler manga and anime.


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Looks good! :)

by Fliss on Monday, 5 September, 2011 - 15:39
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Looking spot on. I love the wig

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 14 December, 2011 - 17:18

To-Do List

Shopping List

Black Cotton Drill Scraps£0.00Bought
White Spray Paint£4.79Bought
Wide Elastic Scraps£0.00Bought
Braces Suspenders Adjustable Unisex Neon UV & Plain (Black)£2.88Bought
Webbing Belt, 52", Unisex, VARIOUS COLOURS!! (Grey)£4.99Bought
2" Mens Women Skinny Tie Narrow Necktie Solid Black New£1.28Bought
ladies water resistant watches by CONSTANT £2.50Bought
New Designer Black Clear Lens Glasses Eyeglasses 5402D £8.96Bought
A044 Men's Short Straight Yellow Blonde Cosplay Wig £13.74Bought
Black Shoes£6.99Bought
Black Blazer + Trousers£7.50Bought
Black Waistcoat£9.00Bought
White Oxfords/Brogues OR White Shoe Spray Paint£0.00To Buy


Shoes! (Posted 21st October 2011)  

Spray painted my shoes!

Sleeve Cuffs (Posted 19th October 2011)  

Made a pair of sleeve cuffs!

Gloves (Posted 19th October 2011)  

Altered my gloves.

Makeup Test! 2 (Posted 13th October 2011)  

Second makeup test!

Makeup Test! (Posted 13th October 2011)  

I believe makeup is just as important as the rest of the costume - Here's my makeup test for Ronald!

Wristwatch Arrived! (Posted 10th October 2011)  


Y-Suspenders Arrived. (Posted 10th October 2011)  


Glasses Arrived (Posted 27th September 2011)  

Glasses for Ronald arrived.

Little Bag! (Posted 27th September 2011)  

Impressed and full of excitement~ xD ;;

It looks like Ronny's Glasses~! (Posted 27th September 2011)  

I'm impressed by how it was packed, okay!? XD

BOX! (Posted 27th September 2011)  

I think I know what this has inside! OuO

Glasses (Posted 23rd September 2011)  

With Scotty's help, I managed to win the pair of glasses I want for Ronald. That's the last major part of this cosplay, after that it's just little bits that will make it look nicer.

Belt (Posted 31st August 2011)  

Belt arrived.

Wig Progress - Day 2 (Posted 31st July 2011)  

How the wig looked after 2 hours of styling today.

It's finished now~

Unfortunately, this is all that will be done to Ronald until September.

Wig Progress - Day 1 #3 (Posted 30th July 2011)  

Wig progress after the first day of styling.

Wig Progress - Day 1 #2 (Posted 30th July 2011)  

Wig progress after the first day of styling.

Wig Progress - Day 1 #1 (Posted 30th July 2011)  

How the wig looked after 2 hours of styling today.

Urgh... (Posted 29th July 2011)  

I tried to style the wig last night, but due to unforseen circumstances I couldn't style it last night, as planned. I will get around to it whenever I can.

Wig Arrived! (Posted 27th July 2011)  

Wig's arrived, now I need to wash and style it and it's done!

I just need the glasses, tie, wristwatch, belt and shoes.
Doubt the shoes are happening this year, but I have backups so that doesn't matter!

I'd also like to, one day, get contact lenses. ^w^ Again, not happening this year... lol. I think I'd make the lawnmower before I think of contacts. XD

Wig - Ordered (Posted 15th July 2011)  

I just ordered the wig, now all I can do is sit back and wait for it to arrive. :) I hope it looks all right, I'm really anxious it'll look horrible or will be a huge bitch to style. >.< ;;

Hello Ronald Knox! :) (Posted 22nd June 2011)  

I used to cosplay William. A couple of friends asked me to, so I did him for a while. I always had a nigging feeling that I didn't do William justice, I felt uncomfortable and I couldn't take cosplaying William entirely serious for this reason.

I didn't want to give up William because I had so much fun with my friends when cosplaying from Black Butler, I felt like I'd be throwing that all away in quitting William and I didn't want to do that... I'd also feel guilty.

I then discovered Ronald Knox, I found a character I adored and I instantly got that 'I will cosplay this man!' feeling! I feel like I have a chance to do Ronald some justice, and I'm really willing to try at him! Whilst I cosplayed William for my friends, I cosplay Ronald for myself and my friends. :) So it feels a lot better to be him!
I retired William to work on getting Ronald done, stuff I have so far:

☑ White Shirt (£12.00; ASDA);
☑ Black Blazer & Trousers (£7.50; Charity Shop);
☑ Black Waistcoat (£9.00; Primark);
☑ Black gloves (£6.99; Claire's Accessories).

I still need a lot, but I'll post my progress on here! I hope to get Ronald completely done by August. :)