Costume :Arthur Kirkland
Variant :World is Mine #2
Source :Hetalia (YouTube MAD)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

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Cost : £8

Something England wears in the USUK YouTube World is Mine MAD (

I didn't do much to this cosplay, mostly lurked on Ebay and put everything together.

Worn at London MCM Expo May 2011.


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Style WigMediumComplete

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Green Sweatervest£8.00Bought


London MCM Expo May 2011 (Posted 27th May 2011)  

Cosplayed this on Friday afternoon/evening at London MCM Expo May 2011.

- I used my old England wig, as I hadn't a chance to receive nor style my new wig at this point.
- I purchased the shirt and shoes from ASDA (Hounslow), the shirt came part of a pack of three.
- I purchased the tie and jeans at Primark (Hounslow).
- I purchased the sweatervest from Risky (Hounslow).

I had an America accompany me that day, it was a lot of fun. :) Also got Scotty to wear a cute sweatervest as Scotland too~ <3

Makeup Test (Posted 26th May 2011)  

Is actually a test for all three England cosplays I plan to do over the expo weekend (of course), but World is Mine will be the first so here it goes!