Costume :Amy Sorel
Source :Soul Calibur 4
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Sword base

Sword detail

Coat detail



Costume Information

While trying to come up with a costume for a picnic earlier this year, I decided I wanted to be a redhead. (haha) I scanned through my potential cosplay list of favorite redheads and decided that it had to be Amy. Unfortunately, I was working on short notice, so I didn't have time to start from scratch. I bought 2 pre-made jackets that will become the base for her coat and corset. It was impossible to find the proper fishnet thigh high stockings, so I purchased a pair of full stockings and cut them to add elastic and trim. Unfortunately, due to other obligations, the costume got set aside and I wore something else to the picnic, but I am working to finish it for the convention Halloween weekend.


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To-Do List

Sew JacketHighIn Progress
Sew corsetHighIn Progress
Find/Make BootsHighPlanned
Sew bloomersHighPlanned
Do rose pattern for jacketHighPlanned
Sew SkirtHighPlanned
Assemble collarMediumPlanned
Add trim to fishnetsMediumPlanned
Make charms for hair ribbonsMediumPlanned
Add trim to jacketMediumPlanned
Add lacing to jacketMediumPlanned
Style WigMediumPlanned
Build SwordLowComplete
Detail SwordLowPlanned


Started on coat (Posted 11th March 2011)

I decided to use a nice "leather" jacket I found at thrift for Amy's coat. I started out by removing the stitches across the breast and sleeve, to make it easier to remove those pieces without cutting into the whole thing. I left the sleeves attached, but cut off around the shoulder to make the top edge even all the way across.