Costume :Wang Yao (China)
Source :Hetalia
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

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Time Taken : Far. Too. Long D|

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To-Do List

Obtain pandaHighComplete
Obtain shirt fabricHighComplete
Obtain sewing machineHighIn Progress
Make shirtHighPlanned
Collect hat from Post OfficeMediumComplete
Obtain shoesMediumComplete
Obtain trousersMediumComplete
Obtain basket for pandaMediumPlanned
Sew straps around basket to wear like a backpackMediumPlanned
Obtain chest-binding stuffLowComplete
Dye hair LowPlanned
Learn how to bind my chest up properly |D damn boobs.LowPlanned


Right then. (Posted 1st May 2011)

The most important part of my costume isn't going to be done in time for the Expo, so I'm having to make it myself. Got referred here by a friend, and figured why not.

So far, I have:
-Knee-length black trousers.
-Black slip-on shoes
-A panda (the best bit :3)
-A conical hat (still in the Sorting Office, but I can get it when this interminable four-day weekend is over. Forget the Bank Holiday, I want my hat XP)
-Straps for a basket backpack thing
-Hair dye
-A sample of the fabric I'll most likely be making the top out of
-Loads of exams eating into my time.

Going on a sewing machine hunt on Tuesday, found one on Gumtree in my area but it's £50 so it's a maybe.