Costume :Kyle Broflovski
Source :South Park
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Um, I'm planning to do some South Park stuff with a couple of friends .. Fingers crossed. :)


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by purplecat95 on Sunday, 24 April, 2011 - 20:54

To-Do List

Sew pockets on fleece (when I get it..)HighPlanned

Shopping List

Copper reddy wig.£15.00Bought
Orange jacket£5.00Bought
Green ushanka! £10.00Bought
Green scarf£4.00Bought
Chewbacca shirt .. yes. Really.£10.00Bought
Green gloves£3.00To Buy
Possssible green contacts, if I want to go wild?£0.00To Buy
Shoooes?£0.00To Buy


Why do I write these? No one is reading. (Posted 30th May 2011)

Right. Right right right.
Shit sure has gone down recently.
1) Bad news: Hat arrived. It's super neon bright. I'm super cereal. It's horrible. :| I'm hoping to attempt dying it, but I'm not sure how that'd work and if it didn't ... ja. Durr.
2) Good news: I dyed my jacket. Yum, It's orange now. I'm super happy!:D
3) Awesome news: I got the wig! It looks super sexy, I love purplecat95! <3

Things are starting to come together nicely. :)
Goddamn hat..

Good news and bad news.. (Posted 22nd May 2011)

GOOD NEWS: The hat is ordered and looks really sexy! Should arrive in four days. :)

BAD NEWS: I ordered a jacket from eBay, thinking it was burnt orange, and it is actually very bright and kinda reddish. I am going to try fading it.. but otherwise, I'm screwed.
And I wasted a fiver. Poooh~

Things I forgot to add.. (Posted 17th May 2011)

Right, I went into town a few days ago and bought the chest binding equipment..

And I also managed to pick up the Chewbacca shirt, for underneath the jacket. :)

I am noow counting upon the swift arrival of my jacket. :}

Snarf scarf. (Posted 16th May 2011)

Scaaaarf has arrived! It's so green and puurdy. *-*

I have some trousers .. suitability is average, but if I can't find an alternative, they'll dooo. :)

Wiig. (Posted 25th April 2011)

Thanks to the BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING purplecat95, the wig is ordered!