Costume :Mr.Face
Variant :/Gatherer/Mr Flappyface/Steve
Source :Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

ignore the party hat etc..xD

what is that thing ;__;


Costume Information

This is gonna be fun :D

Think I've figured out how I'm gonna do the skin so it's a start :D (need to stock up on latex..)

Dat face.
Why do I always pick the complicated ones ^_^;..All I can say is that I'm definatley doing it, just not quite sure when..Maybe fushi or a con next year.

Hopefully when I DO do it, I'll have a Daniel to terrorise >:3


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omg XDD
you genius~

by PocketwatchMask on Friday, 22 April, 2011 - 10:19
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WOW! this is an epic idea xD

I love this game, even if it did give me nightmares for a month xD *shudders*

by PintSized_13 on Saturday, 7 May, 2011 - 16:28

Oh god, I can't wait to see this! I bet it'll be amazing!
I haven't seen people cosplay Mr Face before ;~;

by TechnoMuffin on Monday, 16 May, 2011 - 17:16
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haha i love this idea, amnesia is scary D:

by Leolarua on Saturday, 4 June, 2011 - 13:50
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Wow, never seen a Mr Face cosplay before! can't wait to see how you pull this off! I'm sure it'll be amazing!

by Ria on Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 - 05:16
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This makes me so happy xD

by Zomboi on Monday, 22 April, 2013 - 00:05