Costume :Maria Cousland
Variant :Original
Source :Dragon Age: Origins
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Maria - Reference


Costume Information

Maria ( or Marissa ) was my first DA character.
She was my first play through person so I didn't know how the game would end, which meant she was the only play through where all my choices were not influenced by how I knew the game would end, this play through was also notable hard because I managed to miss Leliana Zevran and Sten o.O

I have designed my own costume for her, inspired by the new designs of DA 2 and The sacred ashes trailer :)


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To-Do List

Buy make upLowPlanned
Start on created the boots and gloves (armor)LowPlanned
Get shoes for base, and clothes.LowPlanned
Create the crest on the chestplateLowPlanned
Get foam and padding and start on chestplateLowPlanned
Buy short Black wig, and braided hairbandLowPlanned