Costume :Sweet Pea
Variant :Fighter Outfit
Source :Sucker Punch
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Close-Up Of Guns On Back

Back Of Model

Front Of Model

Close Up

Front Of Her Costume

Back Of Her Costume

Sweet Pea Film Poster

The outfit


Costume Information

I saw this film the other day after waiting a good year for it to come out, what can i say... i was not disapointed!
I love it <3

And can't wait to see it again soon :3

I thouhgt about cosplaying it i didnt want to do Baby doll like most people are doing so i thought who was i mmost like and who stood outto me the most.

Sweet Pea!

So i chose her to cosplay, as to when i get time to do it im not sure.
I am making it so its going to take some time and im going to need to make pratics pices befor i make the real thing as im fussy like that lol xD
so it will take some time!

but it be worth it <3

Lets just hope its one of them cosplay thats on the list that keeps getting pushed back T.T

I start it when ever i can, probs during the holiday, i started planning it so that a start lol~


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To-Do List

The Cloak/Jacket/Corset PeiceHighPlanned
Shoulder Plate On Left ShoulderMediumPlanned
Shoes MediumPlanned
Gloves With Brown Strap On Her Left HandMediumPlanned
The Shotgun & BroadswordLowPlanned
The Shell-Garter Belt On Left LegLowPlanned
The Weapon HarnessLowPlanned
The Rosary On Right SideLowPlanned