Costume :Dark Nurse
Variant :Movie
Source :Silent Hill
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

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Costume Information

Cost : £65+
Time Taken : Long.

I'd wanted to dress up as one of these before I'd even heard of cosplay. It was even going to be my first cosplay before I chickened out thanks to body issues.

I love the nurses from all the games, but I decided on the movie nurses because they're a lot more appealing to the eye than some of the others, such as the Puppet Nurses!

That short three minute scene is one of my favourite scenes in film.


I'm disappointed that I didn't blend the mask into my skin for a smoother effect, and that the black latex came off of my fingers about half an hour after I put it on, and I should have applied the makeup better for the veins so that they stood out more, but they are my only gripes. Well, that and... certain body parts; I hope I didn't embarrass anyone!


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very nicely done ^^

by nanahara on Wednesday, 30 March, 2011 - 06:43
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Thank you =]

by tripletriad on Wednesday, 30 March, 2011 - 15:36

This looks awsome! *Wonders how the hell you can see outta that mask o.O*

by LipsLikeMorphine on Thursday, 7 April, 2011 - 23:16
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Thank you so much!
Haha I could see, but barely; I had to move my whole head in the direction I wanted to look. No peripheral vision sucks!

by tripletriad on Thursday, 7 April, 2011 - 23:53
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I think I remember seeing you when I was Hrist.
Damn fine cosplay of this.

by SlimDefinition on Wednesday, 13 April, 2011 - 22:48
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Yeah I saw you as Hrist! Now THAT was fantastic.
Thank you very much! =]

by tripletriad on Wednesday, 13 April, 2011 - 23:05
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AH you were the one who freaked me out! Amazing SH Nurse! Loved it!

by NightmareWings on Wednesday, 20 April, 2011 - 20:22
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I remember your reaction! Ha, sorry about that!
Thank you =]

by tripletriad on Thursday, 21 April, 2011 - 02:07
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Absolutely spot on, LOVE IT!

by ryaoki on Friday, 17 June, 2011 - 08:06
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1. This looks awesome ^_^ Love it!
2. Why is your body one of the gripes? o_O

by sjbonnar on Friday, 17 June, 2011 - 16:01
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The dress is the shortest thing I've ever worn in my life, and I don't exactly have the skinniest of butts LOL.

by tripletriad on Friday, 17 June, 2011 - 16:20
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Aww forget that, you look great in it ^_^

by sjbonnar on Thursday, 7 July, 2011 - 13:19
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Fanku! <3

by tripletriad on Thursday, 7 July, 2011 - 15:30

nice mask, and love how you made the outfit ^^

by Kyuipo on Monday, 17 October, 2011 - 19:31
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This looked great in person

by lycaneyes on Sunday, 1 April, 2012 - 01:56

To-Do List

Clay maskLowComplete
Latex mould of clay maskLowComplete
Attach latex mask to balaclava, latex entire thingLowComplete
Distress everything and get it dirtyLowComplete
Latex everythingLowComplete
Paint mask and hatLowComplete

Shopping List

Liquid latex rubber & thickening gel from TOMPS£25.00Bought
Modelling clay from TOMPS£20.00Bought
White stilleto heels from eBay£9.99Bought
White cotton material from The Fabric Shop Whitstable£10.00Bought