Costume :KALSON
Variant :Formal variant
Source :TRON
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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As KALSON has progressed in rp, so has his clothing conscripts. Now, within formal, high grade meetings with other Programs, Kalson wears this suit. I thought it would be perfect for a ball, so I set to work on this. Some of it, such as wig and visor and disk and such are transferred over from Kalson's classic attire, so that cuts some costs

by Kinetic_Gentleman on Tuesday, 29 March, 2011 - 05:28

To-Do List

rewire Identity disk to have red lightlinesMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

Identity disk£15.00Bought
Identity disk holster£15.00Bought
custom black Mandarin-collar shirt (3, 2 for spares)£30.00To Buy


clear glass PVC (Posted 21st June 2011)

By sheer fluke, I went wandering in my home town to find a copy of Tron 2.0 at our local run-down computer shop, one of the few that sells only computer games and not console games. No luck, but on my way back, I passed an awning repair company, the type of awnings used on caravans. They said they'd sell me a metre of clear glass pvc for £3, so I'm going to save up a bit and get a few metres. I could probably find it cheaper on the internet as everyone seems to rely on, but I like the face-to-face, hands on cash-over-the-counter way of buying. Anyway, this has been a brilliant boon for my project