Costume :Momiji Sohma/Tohru Honda
Variant :Artbook/Manga
Source :Fruits Basket/Furuba
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2007

Costume Photos


Cosplay Scotland 2007

Nickelcon 1


Where on the Stair?


Umbrella time




Costume Information

Cost : 36.46
Time Taken : About 15mins to make the bows and half an hour to do my hair


Small, hyperactive, blonde child... need I say more? Again, I love Furuba to bits, I must say I do preffer the manga though. Momiji is my favourite character from it and my friends keep telling me that I am him (or Tohru, but I let the latter slide because of the former). Finding a hoodie for less than £20 was pretty hard. Why do logos have to be so big (ie emblazoned across the entire thing and, thusly, difficult to hide) and make everything so damnably expensive to boot?! Grr! Everything else was pretty easy, I even had some bits and bobs in my wardrobe already. I wore this to Cosplay Scotland (June 2007) and I lost one of my belts whilst running around in the rain to get to the train, so I needed to replace them and fix the popped bit on the side of the jeans. I'm sad because those belts were really pretty (and free lol.) *sigh*. I got another pair and painted them so they were the same colour, still not as nice as the old ones though. The bunny hood is so much fun, the ears flop in my face when it's up and it makes me look like I'm emoing. lol. The bag is also spectacularly cute and was pretty simple to make. The socks fall down a lot though, which is annoying.


I didn't really feel like wearing any of my costumes or any wigs at all for July's (08) CosplayScotland meet-up so I decided to have a wee shufty through my wardrobe and my image files/teh internets to see what I could come up with. First I thought I might do an Ultra Maniac school uniform, but looked up the colour scheme online and discovered that I had the right items but in the wrong colours. So then I had a wee look around and spotted an oddly familliar assortment of cothing on a random picture of Tohru. So I cut myself a fringe and made some ribbons from leftover Ariel fabric. I was quite comfy and I'll probably wear it again either once I get a wig for it or grow my hair out again (I'm getting it all cut off for a play at the start of August).


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Ahh pretty costume. It's nice to see Tohru's other clothes being made and not just her uniform x

by Littlerascal92 on Tuesday, 17 March, 2009 - 23:12