Costume :Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XV
Source :Final Fantasy IX
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Yes! Queen Brahne, I don't even know why, other than I just want to.
I've been planning this for ages, you should see my references! Huge!
I've broken the costume up into parts:
Crown, with hair attached ( no need for wigs!)
The coat - fur trim
Some sort of shoes!
And jewellery!

Let's do this!


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Awesome! I'm making Freya Crescent for the end of this year ^_^ MCM expo and Distant Worlds.

by Raye-chan on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 21:50
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Amazing! This is so awesome. I can not wait to see this. Unfortunate that it'll be so long away

by j_mercuryuk on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 22:21
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Wow! This will be awesome! FF9 is one of my faves :D Good luck with this I really can't wait to see it ^^

by BabemRoze on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011 - 23:31
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Thank you! Can't wait to start :D

by kitty_sama on Wednesday, 23 March, 2011 - 17:12
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I've got Beatrix in progress (hopefully I'll finish her for Ayacon), so when you do this I'll have to get photos with you.

by SlimDefinition on Monday, 18 July, 2011 - 21:47
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If you do this and I'm there, I'm making Garnet asap!

And if we're not at the same con, do her for a meet and we can be a duo again! :D

by NakedSalad on Tuesday, 13 September, 2011 - 17:36
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Yes, we so should :) I really want to make her, but I don't think I'm ready yet, but I shall!

by kitty_sama on Saturday, 24 September, 2011 - 14:16
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by J-Po on Saturday, 1 October, 2011 - 21:57
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Now to scout for the rest of the crew. x3

by NakedSalad on Monday, 27 August, 2012 - 20:55
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At this point i'm amazed someone is doing Brahne! Super stuff! Cannot wait to see this. Also if you need a manipulating bastard (kuja) let me know. Would love to see how this turns out! Good luck!

by KuroStylr on Wednesday, 5 September, 2012 - 21:52
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Holy......darn it, you're making me want to drag out Zidane again for next year. This is an AMAZING project and I can't wait to see your progress photos!

by sarmander on Thursday, 6 September, 2012 - 21:16
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I'm amazed that it's me, must be crazy!
Get in touch with NakedSalad and demand to be in a group :D We shall be the best group in all the lands!

by kitty_sama on Sunday, 9 September, 2012 - 10:52
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Really hope to see this, love FFIX, bet it'll look amazing :)

by Deathblow_Prime on Friday, 22 February, 2013 - 19:21
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really cant wait to see this XD

by J-Po on Tuesday, 26 March, 2013 - 22:43
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Gonna have to get pics of this, wish I was bringing my Freya to Ayacon now :(

by Reagen_Winged on Wednesday, 8 May, 2013 - 16:32
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Aw I forgot to change this! Won't be able to make Ayacon :( But it will be happening in the future sometime!

by kitty_sama on Thursday, 9 May, 2013 - 14:48


I hate helmets (Posted 5th September 2012)

Yup. I cannit find a decent pattern anywhere, as I'm using craft foam, thought it would be easiest, I am so wrong!
Sitting here next to the derpiest helmet ever. idontknowwhattodo!