Cecilia Adlehyde
Wild Arms

Cosplayer: Amy-Lou

Variant: Travel Clothes

Status: Complete

Condition: Retired

17th March 2011: Finished! With the belts done I just had to sew the hood to the jacket collar, super easy!

For the last few touches I picked up her striped tights, hiking socks and some blue teardrop earrings. Then I glued a hair clip to each end of the hairband so I could just clip it into the wig (elastic round the back of the head tends to pull my wigs off).

I think I need to find a Hanpan if I wear it again :3

16th March 2011: Belts I like using suede for non-functional belts like these as it keeps them light so they don't pull on the costume.

One side of the suede was joined to heavy interfacing and then turned inside out into a long tube. After ironing the tube flat I used rivets to secure the buckle on one end and a neat line of holes on the other.

With the jacket belt I was planning to sew it to the jacket so it would just stay in place at all times. When I tried to do this I found the hem of the jacket plus the belt was too thick to go under my sewing machine! Blessing in disguise, I then had to make belt loops out of some matching denim fabric which look so much better than a magical floating belt. I just used a small safety pin at the buckle to make sure it didn't slip out =)

15th March 2011: Lacing the Top After tweaking the line of the black strip (urgh unpicking), I decided to use rivets to hold the ribbon lacing.
I had been thinking of sewing the ribbon in or threading it through holes under the yellow hem, but the flap didn't end up big enough. I think the rivets look really neat.

I also got really annoyed that the hem was a bit wibbly, but then the rivets warped the edge anyway, so I shouldn't have worried XD

Top Tip: Once the ribbon was evenly in place with no twists (not too tight or slack) I pressed it with an iron. Because this lacing is purely for decoration with no tension this makes it less likely to unlace itself or bag out in one section so it's always nicely flat and even.

14th March 2011: Making the Skirt I have an old A-line skirt pattern which I based this on.
Thankfully I didn't shorten the pieces to the miniskirt length before sewing as it's designed to fit right up to your waist (80s style)! I had to take a lot off the top to get it sitting more on my hips which shortened it up a lot.

Once I'd got a good fit, I could put the zip in, add a waistband facing and hem up the bottom.

13th March 2011: Jacket Kat lent me some light blue denim for the jacket, but when I popped home I found the perfect style jacket which I'm going to use instead. It's darker than I'd like, but it's just a casual costume and the colour changes between refs constantly anyway =)

I made the red hood to add on and covered some buckram in the same fabric for the hairband. Handy stretchy fabric meant I could just wrap it round and glue to the underside of the buckram!

11th March 2011: Making the Top I like minimising layers so I decided to make the black top just a strip sewn into the front of the yellow top. This also stops the lacing being pulled out of position, so it will always be even.

I bought a yellow t-shirt and sacrificed an old strappy top for the black stripe which was sewn to the inside before cutting the yellow top open down the middle. I did it this way so I didn't accidentally change the shape or size of the t-shirt. Then I could fold the excess under to make a hemmed edge.

1st March 2011: Old and Busted / New Hotness So Wild Arms got a re-make and with it came new character designs. Having only played the original game my allegiance lies with the retro, but there are some parts of the new design that look much nicer so I'm going to merge them a bit.

I'm keeping to the original with the green skirt, strawberry blonde hair and using a book rather than a staff, but I'm going to stick with the new designs removal of unnecessary flaps - like all the collars and the skirt...things. I think they make it look far too busy with the hood there too.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 21st March 2011
Awesome cosplay and very pleased that you made almost exactly like the photo.

Ilpala avatar

Ilpala - 24th March 2011
Good costume, if I didnt know better I still don't think I would recognise you in this! well done :)

j_mercuryuk avatar

j_mercuryuk - 24th March 2011
You looked so awesome, accurate and just like Cecilia :D

Donna avatar

Donna - 31st March 2011
I somehow completely missed this. Excellent work as always!