Costume :KALSON
Variant :Original Character
Source :TRON
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Costume Information

Cost : £50 so far
Time Taken : 3 days designing

I was part of a TRON rp a little over 9 years ago with a User/Program hybrid Original Character, and with the recent movie I decided to update him and upgrade him some. Hopefully shall be wearing him in 2012 for either Kitacon or Ayacon/Amecon


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To-Do List

Finalise Light line designs with XXX-1HighIn Progress
Make-up tests to gain suitable paleness/slightly artificial lookMediumIn Progress
Construct cheap, black materialed versions of clothingLowPlanned
Gather samples of fabrics to decide which are bestLowPlanned

Shopping List

Identity disk£15.00Bought
Identity disk holster£20.00Bought
Leather trousers£10.00Bought
Trench coat (custom)£70.00To Buy
Sunglasses/Sunvisor£25.00To Buy
Baton£20.00To Buy
Wig£35.00To Buy
Modernised Chaps£0.00To Buy
EL Wire£0.00To Buy