Costume :Sweeney Todd (currently undergoing improvement)
Source :Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007 movie)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

Costume Photos

Final costume, with my Toby standing next to me

These are my friends

My friend heather modelling hair and make up

make up design better quality

make up design (+ waistcoat)

Full costume

hair reference


Costume Information

Cost : £85 ish.
Time Taken : 1 hour make up design, half an hour powdering the coat, the rest of the time i spent finding things in my house

I have FINALLY decided on my Sunday costume for MCM expo may 2011

I've got a similar shirt but it needs a little work (collar removal, re hemming, cuffs tightened, and bloody spill on sleeve)
I have the waist coat,
and so I essentially have the top half

I need to buy/ make some high waisted trousers in the mans style

and I've already designed make-up (whoopee for epic stage make up skills)

and also my best friend has gleefully volunteered to be my mrs lovvett :D
but as usual I'll be making her costume for her ¬_¬

Also I already have the cut throat razor so that'll be coming with me ;)

To warn you all so you don't think i'll be an exact replica, i shall most likely still me blonde unless i have temporary stuff in my hair... but i will be doing the pepper and salt streak in the hair :)

UPDATE 10/04/2012
re doing this for a performance of Sweeney Todd medley I wrote myself :)
should be uploading pictures some time after 21st of april from the show


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OH AWESOME Can't wait to see this at the expo.

by 神判 on Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 14:55

Shopping List

brown eye shadow pallet (for the shadows)£5.99Bought
cut throat razor£12.99Bought
waistcoat (years ago from gap)£14.00Bought
sport leggings£7.99Bought
ruffled shirt£15.00Bought
leather coat (originally a gift from my nana)£24.99Bought
coat powder and hair streak (bottle of baby powder)£2.49Bought
red eyeliner£1.89Bought


The make up and the bloody shirt (Posted 10th March 2011)

if you'll excuse the pun :P
I've managed to work out the blood stain is on the arm of the hand he uses to cut with so i figured my right.
it took about ten minutes of taping and plastic bagging to make sure my arm would be stain free.
i used red food colouring (oil based) and after putting on the shirt I dripped on the colouring on to my shirt, waited ten minutes and then kind realised that since it was oil based and it wasn't gonna dry that quickly so i yelled for my dad who came a long with a hair dryer and we spent about twenty minutes drying the thing still on my arm.
we then stuffed it with newspaper and i hair dried it for about half and hour and when it still wasnt dry i left it alone stuffed with newspaper.
The make up i took my time with
i used my bruising kit under the eyes for shadowing,
black/ brown liner under the lashes red inside the lids,
i'm hollowing out my the cheeks with brown and grey,
hollowing out the temples with grey.darkening the eyebrows with black liner.