Costume :Shiba Kaien
Variant :obsessed / Metastacia version
Source :Bleach
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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I'ma eatcha!


I'ma getcha!

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Costume Information

Cost : mask & make-up: ~ 30€
Time Taken : mask: several days...

Making the orange mask-thingies around his eyes using liquid rubber latex.
I'm just so hyped at the moment I HAVE to tell you about this :3

I've seen other people cosplaying this just using make-up and/or making the mask from paper, and although their costumes didn't look bad, I wanted to do it differently.
I wanted to have an object of some kind which I could take on and off several times, which wouldn't get destroyed easily, and which I could shape in a way so that my eyes looked completely black (without buying full eye contacts for 500$ or more...) but I still could see through easily.
So I decided on latex, combined with a black net covering my eyes.

I've never worked with this material before, but after reading a few tutorials, I tried it and it worked the way I wanted <3

First I wanted to apply the liquid latex directly onto my face and shape it there (you actually CAN paint liquid latex onto your skin to make clothes - for example catsuits, gloves etc.), but then I was told the vapours of the still liquid material were toxic, so I decided to not work with it so close to my eyes.
I made some sort of plaster cast (I used a different material, but never mind) of my face and then worked with the latex on the model. To get the black eyes, I used parts of a (new) fly screen ;), which I put between the layers of latex. This way, my eyes look almost completely black even from a short distance, but with the net so close to them, I can see through it nearly perfectly (it's similar to wearing sunglasses).
The mask parts will be glued to my face with mastix.

To complete the make-up, I use olive-green greasepaint and some special powder to make it water-resistant (sorry, I lack the English technical terms here).

I could NOT wear this at Book Fair Leipzig (Germany) on March 18, 2011 (Fri) because the shop I ordered the rubber latex from never delivered my stuff.

Worn at:
Animuc (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany) on April 30, 2011 (Sat)

SO looking forward to wearing it again *_*


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Shopping List

rubber latex (orange)£8.00Bought
make-up (green/grey)£3.00Bought
mastic (glue for the mask) + mastic remover£11.00Bought