Costume :Seto Kaiba (Battle City) (RETIRED)
Source :Yu-Gi-Oh!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Seto Actually Having Fun

Someone Killed Ishizu ^_^

We Want To Duel

YGO Group



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Costume Information

I have been meaning to put these up for a while...Seto Kaiba is my favourite anime character...maybe favourite character in general. I want to cosplay all of his outfits eventually.

This one I am dreading because it's his trademark outfit and it looks so complex but I want to make it perfect so this will most likely be the last Kaiba outfit to be made.

- Will Be Worn For The Yu-Gi-Oh Group for Kitacon 2012 -

SamanthaKaiba - Seto Kaiba (Battle City)
Josie - Yugi Muto
Pandora - Joey Wheeler
Ryanotoson - Yami Marik



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I'm super excited to see this cosplay done now since we had that epic chat!! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job with this - plus you and Josie have driven me to put up Joey XD

by Pandora-Chi on Thursday, 7 July, 2011 - 23:08
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Thats great to will be an awesome Joey...I also can't wait for will be so awesome...I cant wait to get started on this ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Thursday, 7 July, 2011 - 23:14
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That coat. I am honestly excited to see the progress this, and as for the duel disk I would say buy-and-adapt would probably be the easiest option.

And, yes, that coat, have I mentioned I'm excited? XD

by messengercat on Friday, 8 July, 2011 - 09:18
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Thanks and yeah I think Im just going to alter a duel wont be too hard and yeah Im looking forward to getting started on this soon

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 11 July, 2011 - 03:17
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I'm really impressed that you gathered all those cards! It's a perfect Kaiba deck! 0.o I can't think if you're missing any cards from his collection ^^; - oh btw, if you want me to loan you any of my YGO cards to fill up the silver briefcase, then I'll gladly contribute x

by Pandora-Chi on Wednesday, 27 July, 2011 - 17:45
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Thank you for the offer and I will keep that in mind as I may need too the hotel for Kita this week as I need to get sorted for it...wish it was sooner and there are still a few cards I need to get but cant seem to find them anywhere

by SamanthaKaiba on Monday, 1 August, 2011 - 20:47
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LOL XD I love how you mentioned me in your journal entry - the mock up of the card looks great but seriously you should be excited even though I can understand why this cosplay would struck fear into you - I would be scared too XD but I'm so happy I made you start this cosplay and again, thank you for your comment on Joey - really much appreciated xxxx

by Pandora-Chi on Sunday, 25 September, 2011 - 00:48
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No problem on your look amazing!

I just don't want to mess it up and I want it to look good so I am taking my time on it but I also want to really get working on this. I have mixed feelings about this outfit at the moment lol

by SamanthaKaiba on Sunday, 25 September, 2011 - 17:47
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The arm guards look amazing and really well done <3

by Pandora-Chi on Saturday, 10 March, 2012 - 00:46
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Thanks...I just need to glue it now and it will be done ^_^ working on the belt now...soon it will just be the coat ¬.¬

by SamanthaKaiba on Saturday, 10 March, 2012 - 00:58
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This was such a bad ass cosplay and you did well with the coat ^^ It was so fun to take photos with you in this group <3

by Pandora-Chi on Wednesday, 18 April, 2012 - 23:29
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Loved the group so much and I had so much fun ^_^ and thank you...I'm so proud of this coat ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Thursday, 19 April, 2012 - 08:37
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as pandora said!, so bad assss~ you did such a good job on this cosplay!<3

by LemonPanda on Friday, 20 April, 2012 - 07:37
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Thank you so much ^_^ I've had such positive comments about this outfit and I'm so proud of it. Thank you for taking our pictures ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Friday, 20 April, 2012 - 09:08
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You made a fantastic Kaiba, your jacket was especially awesome! <3

by KiraraYumi on Saturday, 21 April, 2012 - 21:21
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Thank you, I'm so glad people liked it and I really want to wear Kaiba again now ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Saturday, 21 April, 2012 - 22:14
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You suit him really well! Love the work on the arm guards, you're great with details and accessories. :)

by HarryKurt on Wednesday, 6 March, 2013 - 17:00
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Thank you...I do like to make sure that all the details are there ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Wednesday, 6 March, 2013 - 17:11

To-Do List

Buy Black TurtleneckHighComplete
Sort Out Black TrousersHighComplete
Buy Blue Belts x8HighComplete
Buy Green BeltHighComplete
Alter Blue BeltsHighComplete
Arm GuardsHighComplete
Buy White FabricHighComplete
Buy WigHighComplete
Buy Coat LiningHighComplete
Kaiba Locket HighIn Progress
Make Coat Mock-UpHighIn Progress
Style WigHighIn Progress
Make CoatHighPlanned
Buy Duel DiskMediumPlanned
Alter Duel DiskLowPlanned

Shopping List

Silver Studs£19.12Bought
Coat Lining (4 metres)£0.00Bought
Blue Belts x 8£7.92Bought
Wire For Coat£1.98Bought
Black Turtle-Neck Top£3.50Bought
Green Belt£4.00Bought
White Leather£15.75Bought
Briefcase£0.00To Buy
Duel Disk£0.00To Buy
Shoes£0.00To Buy


Coat Progress (Posted 21st March 2012)

It's looking good at the moment...I am proud of this ^_^ just tailoring it so it fits me better and then I need to add in the details, such as the studs ^_^ I hope to get this done today...fingers crossed

- Forgive the way I was just a quick picture -

Belt Complete (Posted 10th March 2012)

The main green belt is finally complete...when I bought it, I thought it looked great but when it arrived, I noticed there were problems with it.
At first it was way too big to be a normal belt and the studs were a brass colour, so I decided that these needed to be changed. So I painted the studs a silver colour and I cut into the belt so it looks more like a normal belt. It doesn't look as neat as it used to be but it's only a small detail and cannot be noticed.
I also decided to make my own buckle as this belt didn't have a buckle, but it didn't look right just to attach a normal buckle. So I used leatherette to make the KC logo and the buckle and I think it turned up okay but I am not fully happy with it so I may change it if I have time.

All I need to do now is the wig, coat and buy some shoes.

Arm and Leg Belts Complete (Posted 10th March 2012)

I have finally measured these belts so that they fit my arms and legs and they look great. One step closer to completion ^_^

Arm Guards 95% Complete (Posted 9th March 2012)

I know these are not perfect but I love how they have turned out considering I have never done anything like this before...I still need to attach the studs as they are only pinned on...but I am going to hot glue them on the inside so they stay in place. Also I am planning on putting a PVA Glue and water vanish to protect the paint and also to give it a shiny look to them ^_^

Locket (Posted 15th February 2012)

This is the base of my locket at the moment...I just need to print out pictures in order for me to continue as it's quite weak at the moment, so I need to strengthen it but need pictures in there first ¬.¬ but I love wearing it at the moment, even if it's just a shell ^_^

New Arm Guard (Posted 15th February 2012)

I was stuck on how to make this until I saw Quinzel's progress on Sophitia and this gave me an idea for using leatherette. So this is the progress so is far from complete but you can tell it's getting there ^_^

Finally Getting Started (Posted 15th February 2012)

Finally working on this's taking time but I am getting there. I was going to make the arm guards from plastic bottles at first but as you can see, it didn't give the right effect ¬.¬

Locket II (Posted 24th September 2011)

The mock-up looks terrible but I love Photoshop so much...I love my finished version...I made sure that all the colours were the colours from the show as I used a screenshot to grab the colours I needed...I also wanted the edges to stand out a bit so I made sure that looked good and I have to say that I am proud of how this looks ^_^
I need to put this together now...

Locket (Posted 24th September 2011)


But I want to get started on this somehow, so I have decided on the locket...but I am making the front look like it does in the series and not using a trading card as it doesn't look the same. But this is a quick mock-up I have done in Photoshop...still needs a lot of detail and making sure the colour is perfect but it's a start...really want to be Kaiba and I will make sure this is perfect

Duel Disk (Posted 12th February 2011)

I thought I should start somewhere so I have been looking into the duel disk, I am thinking of buying the duel disk that was released but there are some alterations to it and the colour is a little off, but I don't know if I should buy and alter the duel disk or make my own...Im leaning towards the altering at the moment.

I am also looking into the briefcase that he carries around with him and I will need to alter the inside of this too to make it look correct, but will look at that once I have sorted out the duel disk.