Costume :Miku
Variant :Cantarella Version (Own design)
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

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Costume Information

Cost : £25

I've been asked to be the Miku of a Vocaloid group my friend is doing, I agreed and the first version of vocaloid we're all doing is Cantarella.
Cantarella is really your own design, so it can be anything. But it usually is formal wear and Miku in a BIG.POOFY.DRESS!!! ¬.¬
So I've asked my friend (The Kaito in our group, her username on here is Anniel) to help with the design and making of the dress, she's agreed (THANK GOD!)
This will be first worn at the Manchester MCM expo, then I'll be wearing it for the Japanese Culture festival Doki Doki in Manchester in November ^^


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To-Do List

Buy wig HighIn Progress
Buy base dressHighPlanned
Buy accesories and fabrics to sew onto dressHighPlanned
Buy petticoat for dress (FOR THE POOF!)HighPlanned
Buy Gloves MediumComplete


ME ISH NOT HAPPY! (Posted 4th February 2011)

I ordered the wig a few weeks ago, it was sent out a few days after I bought it, I missed the first time it was delivered so I had to reorganise the time of delivery.....
I wasted my holy day off of college waiting for a package that never arrived when I could of been at my Dad's on the computer finishing off my photography project!!!
So my Mum rang them up this morning, apparently they scanned it wrong. They were going to deliver it today but nobody's in to collect it (I'm in college ATM), then Monday...nobady's in again...and then they said Thursday. But then they changed back to Monday so I'm very CONFUSSLED RIGHT NOW!!!!!