Costume :Seikichi Tamaya
Source :Oh Edo Rocket!
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Seikichi Tamaya


Costume Information

Character plot:

Seikichi Tamaya is a fireworks maker in the Edo period.
But Fireworks are banned in his village and whoever is caught setting Them off is kicked out of the Village.
This is quite a problem for Seikichi, But that wont stop him.
He starts Making and testing his fireworks in secret.
And one night a Beast is watching as he sets one off and is charmed by his work
The beast comes to him one day as a Woman, but not just any woman.
A princess from the moon, Princess Moonbeam.
She asks him if he can make a firework that can go all the way to the moon?
At first he thinks Shes crazy and asks her to leave.
But how great would it be to Have everyone look up instead of down in this now very drab village, He accepts to her wish to make a Firework

Oh Edo Rocket is based on a Play about a man falling inlove with a woman who fell to earth from the moon.


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