Costume :Lady GaGa
Variant :Custom Outfit
Source :Musician
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Manchester MCM Expo 2011

Costume Photos

Top Half - Before Adjustments



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To-Do List

Buy WigHighComplete
Buy GlovesHighComplete
Buy GlassesHighComplete
Bring down costume from loftHighComplete
Find ShoesHighComplete
Pull Coke Cans off Back of Spider BeltHighComplete
Neaten up Claw BeltMediumIn Progress
Buy Led LightsMediumPlanned
Neaten up CorsetMediumPlanned
Buy 3/4 Length ShortsMediumPlanned
Buy JacketMediumPlanned
Pull down Curtain rail to use as Disco StickMediumPlanned
Buy DiamantesMediumPlanned
Take some Pics of Wig and Glasses etcLowPlanned
Sort out the Mini Amp IdeaLowPlanned

Shopping List

Basic Sunglasses to Decorate£5.00Bought
Studs£10.00To Buy
Gems£5.00To Buy


AHHHHHH! (Posted 23rd June 2011)

Its 5 weeks til Manchester and I'm scared!!!

So since I last wrote an entry I've done a few bits and bobs.

- I've adjusted the claw belt so it sits nicer and attatched lace almost all over.

- I've recieved my denim jacket, my gems, my studs, my glitter and half of my lights

- I've decided to wear my wet look black leggings and adjust a pair of black jeans so they're corseted at the back.

Okay so I really need to get this sorted soon! (Posted 18th April 2011)

Well, I have my wig... my gloves... my corset and Paw belt thing (that still need to be adjusted and made, awesom-er) my wet look tights, my shoes, my glasses (also need to be customised) so that's an okay start.

So this week, I think I need to sort it all out and perhaps make some proper plans.

I have two awesome ideas that if they work... would be great.

First one is to make the Disco Stick and have white and blue LED lights in the top to make it glow, or flash or something.
Second one is to have a belt with my portable mini amp and my ipod to actually play Gaga tunes out of it :]

So yeahhh, I'll start making journal entries and see how it goes